The Android Apps you’ll need in 2018

Ten years from now, Android was first introduced by Google. Back then, nobody imagined the sheer number of apps that we would have nowadays.

Generally, there are apps for everything and several of them are completely free. It means that you just need to download them, and supercharge your smartphone at no additional cost. However, finding the good ones can sometimes be tough. The huge quantity of apps doesn’t mean they’re all high quality. In the following, you will find some of the best Android Apps that you will most probably need in 2018.


Hitlist has been created to both, give you ideas of where to head and to help you find cheap flight deals. As soon as you start the app, it lets you select your home airport, destination, dates you want to travel, and sort the results by price.

That’s only half way there. The other half is all about discovery. This superb app will highlight numerous events and locations, such as the best towns for New Year’s Eve and the finest places for photography. And tapping on any of these will allow you drill down to exact places and then look for flights.

Microsoft Edge

The most awaited Android app has finally arrived in beta version. Microsoft Edge is basically the replacement for Internet Explorer. It is useful if you run it on both Windows 10 computer and Android, as content can be sent between your PC and your phone.

Your reading list are automatically synced between devices as well. Hence, this gives you more incentive to make Microsoft Edge your only browser. The handy features you will find in this app are the voice search, and a ‘Reading View’. These options rearrange pages to make it easier to emphasise on the main text.

And yes, the most important thing is that you can at any time switch your search engine from Bing to Google.


The world is full of wonderful and weird fonts. However, identifying them isn’t always simple. That is, unless you have the magnificent WhatTheFont.

If you are curious about a font, you can simply take a photo and WhatTheFont will analyse it before showing you a collection of alike fonts. The fonts it displays may or may not show the actual font on the photo, but all the collections are usually close to it.

This is indeed a handy app, and amazing for those who like to read and write. The only negative aspect of it is that it doesn’t save your previous searches. Therefore, you must write the name of your favourite font down, if you want to remember it. Probably, this element in the app will come with further updates in the upcoming months.

Rabbit – Watch Together

Do you wish to watch TV with your friends? Too busy, or lazy? Rabbit – Watch Together might sound appealing for you.

This app gives you a private chat room to be able to chat with your friends while watching a video online or on YouTube. The video is automatically in sync for everyone. Therefore, there is no need for everyone to hit play simultaneously. Rabbit also enables video and voice chat, and you can as well make your room public.

Instead of selecting from more than 3 million apps in PlayStore, these are some of the essential Android apps which you will most likely need during this year. In addition, there are many other responsive sites where downloading is not required. For instance, if you want to play online games or mobile slots, you can easily do so on Spin and Win. Simply hop on the site, and enjoy top notch games!