Upcoming 2018 Technologies

In 2017, the world witnessed several technological innovations. And as the technological revolution develops at a speedy pace, what is new today might be outdated tomorrow. If you are unable to integrate these technological developments, you will fall back immediately.

No one can guess how 2018 will shake out in terms of upcoming technologies, but here, you can find some predictions which are:

Smartphones and wearable Devices

As mobiles are getting popular and their capabilities are increasing, people are able to make their lives much simpler by accessing the internet, ordering services, and paying bills with just a few clicks. Additionally, many companies are capitalizing on this trend and providing their staff with mobile devices to access their data and stay connected even when away from the office. Nonetheless, due to the nascent stages of these devices, they are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. So, it seems imperative for businesses to enlist the help of a firm such as Pradeo that provides security solutions for mobile devices and protects their data.

Artificial Intelligence

AI made the headlines in 2017. It can be said that it will continue to make headlines throughout this year. Computers and robots will grasp further data in the coming years. This extra data makes the system acquire faster while increasing its accuracy. As chilling as it might sound, this rise in AI means computers will now be able to generate more humanly tasks. They will have what it takes to speak, listen, read social media messages and recognise facial expressions. At the same time, this could be a huge disadvantage as many jobs will not be secure anymore.

Computer Power

According to rumours, quantum computers will take control on “ordinary” machines in 2018. It is believed that this rumour is true. They are set to advance at an even quicker pace once they outdo classical computers. The quantum machines can perform many tasks that ordinary machines flop to perform at high-speed. It is also believed that Google will uncover a device that is able to perform calculations which no other devices can tackle.


Blockchain has proven to prevent transaction tampering, reduce the clutter of multiple ledgers, empower users, ensure cyber-security, and cut costs in 2017. This is just the beginning of such innovation. Nonetheless, many blockchain technologies are still unproven and immature. But it can be very effective if your team is familiar and well-briefed with cryptographic skills to understand what are the limitations and the capabilities of blockchain before getting on any project. Blockchain generates a lot of data and to help with processing it, support such as dune api can be used to streamline operations. Blockchain will be inserted into many sectors like content distributions, healthcare, government, and more. With NFT, tokenizing real-world tangible assets fraud can be avoided. NFT has also changed the gaming industry with the introduction of P2E games (like this nft racing game) where gamers can own in-game assets such as virtual lands and digital accessories.

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It is practically impossible to predict what awaits us in the upcoming years. But as long as you keep in touch with technology, your world is likely to change. With the future looking bright, you can only be happy to be living in this era, and experience massive changes in terms of technologies.