About Me

I can’t imagine what life was like before all the tech devices came on-stream. I pretty much grew up with this stuff, and, admittedly, my generation is better at using the devices available than any other one. My life revolves around technology. I love everything from gaming to social media, and all the way through to all the great music apps available. Not that I see it as a loner-type pastime, on the contrary, thanks to all the technology, I have been able to keep in touch with all my friends. Throughout my childhood, my parents’ work had us live in many different cities, and therefore, I have friends in lots of faraway places.

Up until quite recently, I used to keep in touch on social media and by email, until I discovered the benefits of setting up your own website. When you surf a lot, you soon come to realize that there are lots of ways to keep in touch, and more importantly, lots of ways to make a bit of money from being online. Anyway, I decided to set up this website and dedicate it to staying in touch with all my friends and to my passion for all things technology.

You’ll find lots of game, app, and tech device reviews, all the latest from the gaming community as well as introductions to new products in hardware and software.

My Cosmopolitan Circle of Friends

We have moved city on numerous occasions. At first, I resisted because I didn’t want to leave my friends behind, however, by the time we had to move for the third time because of my parents’ work, all I could think about was having friends even more far-flung. In fact, if I now ever want to go on city breaks for the weekend, I never have to stay in hotels. Instead, I can just phone or mail one of my friends and book myself in for a short break. Because of the internet, we communicate on a daily, often hourly basis, and never even get the chance to miss each other. At this point, I love traveling and am grateful for that fact that I’ve been in a position to live in so many different cities. Obviously, I have also had to learn several languages, and I feel quite cosmopolitan. I’m not sure if I will ever settle anywhere for longer than a couple of years, even as an adult. Occasionally, I wonder will I settle in London, Paris, New York, or Tokyo or perhaps flee to the countryside at some point. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I have definitely come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter where you live now, given that you’ll always be able to keep in touch with the people you love online anyway.

My Tech Passion

It was on all our journeys that I became tech savvy. For starters, I wanted to stay in touch with my friends and let them know what I was at, and secondly, boredom led me to play lots of games and check out countless apps. Pretty quickly, I became an expert, and anyone in my circle who had a tech question would look for answers from me. I had a lot of time on my hands during all our travels, and I soon learned the basics of coding, how apps and websites work, and started keeping up with technology news. I can’t really see myself working in a non-technology industry now, and that’s perhaps also a reason for starting this website.

Here, I get to promote and share all I have learned, hook up with other tech geeks, and make some money in the process. To me, this the start of my lifelong tech career.