Apps To Help You Be a Better Cosplayer

In the world of performance art, cosplay involves individuals wearing costumes and fashion accessories to represent certain characters. These generally interact with a subculture and are generally role-played in venues apart from the stage. There are many forms of cosplay and the characters can be either from certain comics, anime, television series or even cartoons. It has grown rapidly over the years, and now cosplayers as well as those who just love watching anime and cartoons can get themselves things like anime body pillows, cut-outs, figurines, and so much more. To help you gather knowledge of various characters or even get help in understanding the right costumes, there are many apps that can help you with the same.

Apps To Help You With Cosplaying

In this article, you will find some of the ways you can get involved as a participant or even as a cosplayer.

Research online to find any popular cosplay conventions around the area

If you are a big fan of certain characters and are looking for popular cosplay conventions to attend, you might want to research online or look for events that have been listed on Facebook. Some of the biggest cosplay conventions are marketed heavily on social media and other platforms so it’s likely that you will not have missed it especially if you were in the area. Should you have a great interest in such conventions, a simple search on Google such as “cosplayers near you” would display results if there are actually any events that are taking place. Certain cosplay expos are hugely popular and most of them take place in Tokyo and North America. The former is more popular with anime characters whereas the latter tend to focus more on comics. If you feel like participating in either, make sure you get the right comic or anime cosplay costumes beforehand. There are plenty of online businesses that cater to cosplay event requirements.

Plan in advance to stay in character when cosplaying

On the other hand, if you would like to participate as a cosplayer or want to get into cosplay modeling, you could use certain apps that can specifically help you. If you are having trouble with finding characters, the Cosplanner app for example, can help you plan projects and determine which characters you want to dress up as. Stay in character when cosplaying by planning well ahead. Not only does this help you understand the requirements but also helps you get connected with others taking part. If you want to cosplay as a guy, you might consider gathering some beginner tips to ensure they are well researched let you live your fantasy. It will also help you plan and choose the characters that are easy for you emulate. For example, if you are well built and tall, you could consider my hero academia cosplay, with the Katsuki Bakugo costume.

Watch out for opportunities to earn money as a cosplay model

Cosplay modeling has gained popularity lately and there are many cosplay opportunities around. If you are in North America, there are many cosplay conventions that may need you to get involved dressing up as various characters. If you want to get into cosplay modeling, you could probably get in touch with agencies or sign up with an app such as Cosplay Amino which connects with other individuals interested in cosplay. It essentially operates as a social network for cosplayers. There could be possible avenues to make money cosplaying too. If the cosplay project is well-funded, it is likely that you will be paid a great deal should it gain more popularity.


Cosplays have grown in popularity exponentially over the past few years and is only becoming more common in various parts of the world. There are certain cosplay projects that are themed for various causes that help create a social change for common issues such as climate change. This is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way to get a message across. With more cosplay summits around the world, we can expect more individuals benefiting out of it and making money out organizing such projects too. What’s most interesting about cosplay is the ability to meet like-minded people and grow the network eventually.