The Modern Day Online Casino Gaming Experience

If you’re lucky enough to have been around back when the internet as we know it today was still in its infancy, looking at how the online casino experience has evolved over time will inevitably have you noticing just how big of a transition it has been. I mean because of the likes of 56k modems and the web browsing speed our connectivity was limited to, there wasn’t all that much by way of what the typical online casino could offer.

At best you would have a JavaScript interface with dancing, coloured links and graphics which looked more like stop-frame animated clip-art than anything else, but even this came a little bit later on. The standard was more like two colour shades better than those monochromic MS-DOS games from the late eighties and you would have been forgiven for not placing a single ounce of trust in the typical online casino, based purely on its appearance. Nowadays, online casinos have an excellent design and are far more thrilling than ever before. Almost as thrilling as watching the Snowden Movie!

Online casino platforms started popping up in greater numbers with the spreading adoption of JavaScript, with things getting even better as dynamic web development started taking shape nicely. JavaScript based interfaces always ran the risk of being hacked by a gamer on the other side who isn’t even worthy of the hacker title. A simple look at the source code would essentially mean that you could pretty much figure out how the online slots machine game you’re busy trying your luck on is going to play out, with the only challenge being that of the fact that it would still be very much a randomizer script at play. Still, your odds of winning are vastly improved if you have one-up on the house by way of having had a look at the structure of their randomizer script.

I perhaps don’t need to tell you about the dangers of using JavaScript for skill based games like poker and the likes, because that basically just hands money to those players who are sneaky enough to have a look at the source code.

Fast-forward to 2018 and the online casino industry is thriving, to say the least. Some of the most popular online casino platforms like NetBet Casino fall almost completely nothing short of resembling the physical casino experience. At any given time when you’re playing any one of the many games on offer, it could very well feel like you’re at a traditional, physical casino. This, plus many more advantages of playing casino games online, has made the online gambling industry a lucrative business meaning many more people are looking at How to Start an Online Casino in hopes to be the next big gambling platform. Of course, the only real difference is that you’re enjoying the games through a computer screen or through your mobile device as opposed to actually being at the big, chunky slots machine or table.

Some gamers prefer betting on sports and even the lottery and these have been incorporated a lot more with modern day online casinos. The modern day online casino experience is one which pretty much acts as an extension of any casino experience you’d enjoy by visiting a physical casino venue.

Critical mass is much larger these days as well, which means more players placing bets and bigger jackpots to win, in addition to the likes of signup bonuses and special offers.