Best Android Apps Ever

When you visit the Google Play Store to find an app, you are immediately flooded by countless apps. You can find everything from exercise, health, sports, cooking, accounting, finance, music, movie right through to file management apps. Most people download apps on recommendations of friends or apps heavily advertised. You may, for instance, decide to get a news app, google the most popular lists and pick the one that stands out most because you’ve seen it advertised somewhere or it has been recommended to you.

To make your selection a little easier, I have put together a list of the most-downloaded android apps of all times. That’s not to say that there aren’t other great apps out there, on the contrary, some of the less well-known apps can be just a useful. Ultimately, your choice of an app is a lifestyle choice. If you are into exercise, you’ll have a training app, however, if you are a couch potato, you’ll probably have a music or movie app. Undoubtedly, apps have considerably reduced our workload and continue to make life easier and more entertaining.

I have picked the top app in the following categories: games, music, antivirus, money, file management, photo, and lifestyle.

Best Android Game App of All Times

Disney Crossy Road: The unlikely partnership between an indie company and a movie giant has produced this ever popular app. The current version features beloved Disney characters, quite blocky in stature, and you have to tap and swipe to get them across the road without being run over by insanely heavy traffic. The simplicity of the task combined with our fondness for Disney characters continues to make this one of the most popular gaming apps of all times.

Best Android Money App of All Times

Expense Manager: This app has more than 1 million users worldwide. You can track your income and expenses, create multiple accounts, set up pay alerts, work with different currencies, and do just about everything else needed to keep on top of your spending.

Best Android Antivirus App of All Times

360 Security: This free app not only protects you from the latest malware and viruses, it also cleans up your phone, gets rid of an app running needlessly in the background, and thus speed up the operation of your phone. Junk files and privacy risks are no more, and your phone will be running more smoothly than ever before. This app doesn’t even feature annoying ads!

Best Android File App of All Times

Google Drive: The ever popular Google Drive is available as an android app and will allow you to keep on top of all your files including google docs and spreadsheets. This app supports many file formats and will allow you to process many types of documents on the go.

Best Android Photo App of All Times

Snapseed: Many believe that this photo app is better than Adobe Photoshop and you’ll certainly have fun with it. With lots of features, filters, and fun options to process your photos, this is undoubtedly a top-quality photo app.

Best Android Music App of All Times

TTPod: Listen to music for hours with the TTPod free music app. It supports multiple music file formats, allows you to download songs and entire albums, you can even look up all the lyrics.

Best Android Video App of All Times

AndroVid Video Trimmer: If you make videos and upload them on a regular basis, this app is for you. You can trim videos, put snippets together, apply filters, play with color and texture and when you are done, you can upload directly to YouTube and Facebook.

Best Android Entertainment App of All Times

IMDb Movie & TV App: Watch the latest movie trailers, share them with friends, review movies, catch up on celebrity gossip and find out the latest TV entertainment news. This is essentially a TV & movie database that puts access to all things entertainment right at your fingertips.

These are some of the favorite android apps of all times, there are literally thousands of great apps available from the Google Play Store. You can organize your entire life through apps now, will never have to remember anything anymore, because your phone apps will do all the work for you.