Why You Shouldn’t Photoshop Yourself

Most of us know by now that the actors and models you see online and in magazines have all been photoshopped. Their skin looks immaculate and their bodies are supposedly the perfect shape to appeal to their admirers. Sadly, people have now started to Photoshop themselves before uploading their pictures on social media. By doing so, they are actively perpetuating this serious issues and adding further to the problems caused by the low self-esteem inherent in many women and men of all ages.

The Most Common Photoshop Tricks

Let’s start off by looking at the main Photoshop tricks:

  • Skin: The face of a celebrity or model has virtually no imperfections, tone differences, wrinkles, or pores. This isn’t real, no one has doll-like, porcelain skin. Models in bikinis have immaculate legs also showing absolutely no imperfections.
  • Body Shape: Tummies are flattened or “six-packed”, thigh gaps enhanced, breasts enlarged or reduced in size, waists shape perfectly, and legs bronzed, combining into the perfect Barbie and Ken look.
  • Face: Makeup contouring, fake eyelashes, and aggressive lip exfoliation are all part of the beautifying, or perhaps falsifying process.
  • Teeth: Not surprisingly, celeb teeth are photoshopped into looking shiny and white.
  • Body part Swap: Entire body parts are swapped out in an effort to make the model look more attractive.
  • Photoshop Shave: You will never see even the slightest stubble on celeb pics because they are shaved away by Photoshop.

You can be sure that the people you see in these images only exist by virtue of Photoshop. They are not real, and you shouldn’t aspire to look like that.

The Problem with Photoshopping

You may think to yourself that it’s perfectly ok to Photoshop yourself too before uploading your latest picture. Unfortunately, by doing so, you are giving in to those who dictate how we should look. Not only are they making us aspire to something entirely unachievable and unreal, but they are also making us feel bad about the way we look. Especially teenagers might struggle to maintain a healthy body image and a good level of self-esteem because of all the photoshopping.

The Importance of High Self-Esteem and Good Body Image

It’s quite simple. If you feel bad about the way you look, you’ll be a lot unhappier in life. You may struggle to socialize and will have a lot less self-confidence. Without self-confidence, it will be much more difficult for you to get that dream job, have a good night out, make friends, and do all the other human interaction stuff.

In contrast, if you feel good about the way you look, you can go anywhere and talk to anyone confidently. You’ll have a good time, make friends easily, you’ll be able to stand up for yourself when necessary, and will generally be far happier and more content.

So, if you are having a hard time being positive about your body image, instead of photoshopping yourself in pictures, consider improving the way you look by availing yourself of beauty treatments such as Botox, body contouring, teeth whitening, teeth straightening, or dermal fillers in Torrance, CA, or elsewhere.

Considering the abundance of beauty clinics available, this is not a difficult task. The only pain that you would have to take is to be patient and conduct online research in order to find one near you. Once you looked up the search engine and found a handful of results, it would be recommended that you go through the client testimonial of each one of them to find whether they offer satisfactory services.

Additionally, get an estimate of the cosmetic procedure that you would like to avail yourself of. This way, you would not be at the risk of losing a fortune for improving your appearance. Even better set up a budget, of course, based on realistic expectations, so that you do not overspend. You also need to ask about the number of sessions for the completion of the treatment, so that you can keep your schedules clear. Once you are done taking care of all these things, finalize a clinic and book an appointment with them!

This explains why it is said that you can easily find a dermatologist, be it for skin issues like acne and dark spots; improving your smile with proper dental care, teeth whitening treatment, or crown lengthening. You also need to work on your fitness and maintain a healthy weight. This could help you have a fit body while improving your perspective toward body image and enhancing self-esteem.

You need to slowly wrap your head around the fact that instead of virtually editing your pictures, which would not do much good to you in reality, work on yourself. This will bring about some changes in real-time. So, what we are essentially saying is that instead of fixing the chipped teeth by using an online editing application, opt for a treatment of dental crowns in pflugerville, tx, or wherever you are based. Instead of slimming your waist using a brush and pen, make use of the treadmill that has been lying idly in your house. Do something that makes a real difference in your life instead of living in an illusion!

Let’s All Demand Real People

Rather than feeding into this Photoshop frenzy, we should all take a moment and demand to see real people with real imperfections. Everyone has got them. It is comprehensible that those imperfections may be bothering you a bit too much, but photoshopping is no way close to fixing them. If anything, photoshop fills you with falsity; you start living a life of duality — on one hand, you feel invincible on the Web with your fake flawlessness; on the other hand, you become underconfident when you go out in the real world because you are aware of the existence of flaws in your appearance.

This can take a toll on your mental health and slowly push you to the brink of body dysmorphia. Instead of meeting this fate, it is better to address the issues with your appearance. If you have acne, see a dermatologist; if the missing tooth is affecting your jawline, visit a dental implant clinic Bath; if your deformed nose cartilage is taking away from your confidence, consult a healthcare professional. This is the way to go about dealing with problems in real life; so, get out of the virtual space and take some action.

You have to remember that you’ll only be able to Photoshop yourself in photos and not in the real world. So, get sorted in your head that editing your images cannot bring much relief to you when it comes to improving your look. It just messes up your thought process more and makes you feel miserable.