What Do App Updates Have to Do with the FA Cup?

Since my extensive use of the many different apps available eventually led to the creation of this blog, naturally one would assume that my device is brimming with all manner of different apps, some of which are only used occasionally, it must be said. WRONG! One device isn’t enough. I have three devices which host different apps, one of which is a smartphone while the other two are tablet PCs.

As far as the tablet PCs go, I simply had to have two in order to be able to run apps on both the iOS and the Android platforms, which makes my app reviews that much more “meaty” since I can compare any app’s performance side-by-side on the different OS’s it can run.

Who would have ever thought there would be a correlation between something like the FA cup and mobile apps updates though? Well, there is, the result of which observation has led to the discovery of a sports betting strategy I’m happy to share with football enthusiasts whose love for the sport is mirrored by their interest in the tech reviews I share! After reading this you can apply your strategy to other sports betting sites like fun88 to see if you can win big or get a little something for yourself.

So the betting app in question this time is that of the William Hill online betting platform, which admittedly is a betting platform that stretches far beyond just sports betting. I only really dabble a bit in the sports betting section however, particularly betting on football and particularly betting on the FA Cup.

So the effectiveness of the betting strategy resides at the confluence of a spike in the activity related to apps updates and the stage at which the FA cup tournament is. Sports betting apps, be they Vwin88 or any other, tend to be updated and even downloaded for the first time during two stages of the FA cup, the first of which is right at the beginning of the tournament with the second one occurring about three or four rounds away from the final game at Wembley.

It’s almost as if everybody is sort of taken in by the excitement of the tournament when it kicks-off and then they seem to lose interest in it when they realise that some of the teams they support field weakened starting XIs, suggesting that they aren’t all to serious about it. This is when to bet on long-term wagers in which you choose a team you believe just might go all the way. Such long-term wagers tend to pay big if the team you selected goes all the way to win, but the best part is you can cast your net wide and bet on many teams since betting on just one team is cheaper than the other types of wagers available. For FA Cup odds and information – click here…

Now, to complete this particular strategy you wait for the second wave of the betting apps updates and downloads spike as this symbolises the second wave of interest in the FA Cup. This is when you can double up on your bets or hedge them because at this stage the teams which remain in the tournament start to believe they can win it and then they field very strong starting line-ups.