Video Brochures – The Marketing Collateral You Never Knew You Needed

Marketing in the modern world can be a minefield in terms of cutting through the noise and reaching consumers. Every company is doing it, and it doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, there’ll be tons of other companies trying to reach the same people as you. You have social media, SEO, PPC, influencer marketing, print market (visit for more examples), and most companies are now using these means of marketing to showcase their products and/or services.

So, the question is, how on earth can you cut through this noise? The answer is a simple one – video brochures! They have been around for quite a few years but have gained popularity as companies have realised just how effective they are at drawing in and engaging people. But why are video brochures just so good for cutting through the noise and making an impact? Well, let’s take you on a little journey and explain just that!

They’re Modern

We all know the saying “keeping up with the times”, and this is relevant because it relates to video brochures. They’re modern, sleek, and tend to utilize state-of-the-art tools for editing and screen recording like Loom to get key marketing messages across. This is an important point to make because if companies are stuck in their ways and don’t utilize all marketing options they have available to them, they’ll never really stand out. Don’t be one of these companies; use video brochures to your advantage.

They Make A Big Impact

How much of an impact do you think conventional advertising such as billboards make these days? Don’t get us wrong, they still work; people still see them and get influenced by them. But, in terms of costs and return on investment, you’re far better off putting your money elsewhere. And guess where that money should go? Into video brochures, of course. Video brochures make a huge impact because they engage the senses of those watching them, much like how dynamic video ads draw in potential customers. They convey messages in a creative way which makes the message so much easier to consume than any other type of marketing collateral out there.

They Have Influence

Think of yourself as a potential customer. Would you like to be told how something works or actually shown instead? Exactly! Video brochures are extremely influential in terms of buying power because they showcase products and services in action. This makes those with decision-making authority far more likely to buy into something as they can see it working as they watch a video.

They Can Be Reused For Different Marketing Campaigns

Yes, we did just say that, and yes, you read it right. Unlike other types of physical marketing collateral, video brochures can be repurposed for different campaigns time and time again. The video content within a brochure is uploaded via a USB interface, which means it can be replaced at any time and with ease. In terms of ROI, this makes video brochures brilliant because you don’t need to spend money getting new ones made each time you want to run a different marketing campaign.

See! Video Brochures Are The Ideal Solution

We’re living in times where watching videos has become the most popular way of consuming content both online and offline. Videos are people’s preferred avenue of learning, and they take far less effort to consume compared to other types of content. This is a really important point to make as we draw this article to a close because people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Videos are brilliant for capturing attention, retaining that attention and making marketing messages so much easier to remember by engaging people’s senses and exciting them. This is precisely the reason why video brochures are so effective and produce such an impressive return on investment.

The question is, are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Think about what your company offers, whether that be a product or service. You can be guaranteed that it can be promoted highly effectively with a well-made video brochure. Make the step today and reap the rewards.