Virtual SIM Card: How It Works, X Reasons You Need To Use It, And All The Info You Need To Get Started

Do you know what’s the best thing about living today? There’s always something new coming out. And one of the things that the market is looking out for is phones.

Every year, they invent something new that makes our lives a little bit easier. And there’s too much that we get overwhelmed and miss out on simpler yet incredibly powerful innovations.

One of these techs is the virtual SIM card. And you can get it from providers like Freeje as easily as you can you sign up for a random mailing list or order something off of Amazon.

If you haven’t been acquainted with this new tech, you’re about to be. This post will cover everything you need to know about it.

A quick intro on virtual SIM cards

We feel that it may be confusing, so let us clear this up early on: There is no actual SIM card involved. This tech is created through the cloud and is therefore virtual. It’s impossible to jam in your phone to make it work.

Through the years, we’ve seen the SIM card get smaller and smaller. And this might be the final phase of the transformation.

This one is created by the provider of your choice. And it essentially acts like a regular phone number. But because of the way it’s made and the very nature of its existence, it truly is an upgrade to its fairly antiquated counterpart.

How does it work?

Again, you have to remember that it’s simply a better version of something that already exists. So you’ll have no issues with using it.  There are three ways that you can make the most out of this tech:

  1. Use the provider’s app Freeje Optimum

And inside, it will be as if you have another basic phone altogether. You’ll have to link or activate your purchased virtual SIM to the app so you can start using it.

After that, you can text and call just how you would on a regular phone. The best thing I love about using it this way is you keep all info sent through different numbers separate.

For example, all text messages from your personal number will go through your phone’s main messaging app. Then, those from its virtual counterpart will direct to the app. So if you’re considering getting one because you don’t want to carry two phones with you all the time, this is the strongest case to it.

  1. Register on other apps

Most (if not all) messaging apps would require you to provide a working number for you to register on their app. And if for whatever reason you want to register, using your real number can pose security issues later on.

So even if you don’t need a second number at all, you can have it as a “throwaway number” that you only use when registering to apps or sites.

  1. Reroute it to your personal number

If you’re in constant contact with someone abroad, rerouting everything that goes through it to your personal number allows you to keep communication cheap for the both of you.

Normally, providers will ask where you want to route the calls and texts. But if they don’t, you can just as easily ask if this is a service they offer to the market.

Why should you use it?

Even though the tech is pretty simple and straightforward, there still are a lot of ways that you can benefit from it.

  1. Keep your privacy

Privacy isn’t only important because you don’t want some people to be able to contact you all the time. It’s also a legitimate security concern.

For example, your personal number is probably connected to your email and bank accounts. Would you really want anyone to know about information this crucial to identity theft?

Yes, most people never get their identity stolen. But it still happens. And when you, unfortunately, become a victim, it will already be too late.

  1. Carry one phone with two numbers

Business owners and anyone in the corporate world who keeps a separate phone for work must be tired of it. This decade is all about having more for less, and having two phones with you all the time doesn’t reflect that.

But with this tech, you’ll be able to still actively respond and communicate with your business contacts even after letting go of your work phone.

  1. Screen numbers easily

If an unknown number calls you on your personal number, you don’t have to answer it to find out who’s on the other line. After all, you don’t want to indulge potential scammers, right?

Instead, you can call them using the virtual one to find out who’s calling without letting them know that your personal number is active.

Convinced you need one? Great! You’ll get to experience for yourself how a simple tech can make your life so easier and more secure with just one little change.