Tech Geeks Love Cognitive Enhancement and Here is Why

Technology goes hand in hand with other innovative areas and niches. For example, many people who are into technology are also into biohacking, which is essentially engineering the biological system (humans) to become better. Technology enthusiasts are not universally on board with cognitive enhancement, but they do embrace it readily and there is good reason for it.

These drugs are helping tech experts not only make more money, but also lead a more creative and fulfilled existence. By using these drugs, it is not always just about improving their bottom line (salary), but instead about helping them to do more meaningful work and solve interesting problems.

For app creators and other tech experts, this is what cognitive enhancers (also known as nootropics) can provide. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the things that technology experts are doing to improve themselves and get ahead of the curve.

#1. Antioxidants – one of the best ways to get started with long-term and sustainable cognitive enhancement is through the use of antioxidants. Certain nootropic options like green tea catechins can make a big difference. There are other products like sulforaphane and lutein, which is a powerful way of improving vision.

Antioxidants also have the benefit of being good for overall body health, reducing the risk of many diseases that can impair cognitive function. Antioxidants can also assist with bodily functions like those done in the digestive system which can have a positive benefit on mood and cognition as well.

#2. Racetams – there is an entire family of drugs called racetams that can be powerful for improving memory formation, learning ability, and creativity. When it comes to improving our cognitive function, one thing that comes to mind is the racetam family of drugs. One of the important ones is aniracetam, which is a memory enhancer but can also be stimulatory.

Many coders love aniracetam because it aids in memory formation, but this has a side effect of creativity as well. The aniracetam memory benefits are sometimes hard to measure, but when you feel the intense feeling of creativity, it starts to show up as something that is effective.

#3. Medicinal Mushrooms – another popular method of improving mental performance comes through medicinal mushrooms. There are many options when it comes to medicinal mushrooms, but things like cordyceps can make a big difference. If you have never heard, cordyceps mushroom is a powerful tool that can fight stress (an adaptogen) and has numerous other functions as well.

Some high-functioning techies have also started the practice of microdosing – a technique in which small amounts of mushrooms containing compounds such as psilocybin are ingested on a daily basis to improve overall mood, focus, and cognition which leads them to power through the day while also reducing stress levels. The use of different mushrooms is as easy as procuring grow kits uk or other places where they’re available and setting up a small unit at home, but they can also be bought in different forms such as packed capsules or dried.

#4. CBD and THC

For most people who are high performers in technology, stress can be a major concern. A drug that can be an adequate counterbalance to some of the more stressful parts of life can be very beneficial. You can find more info about CBD here but essentially it is a stimulant that can reduce stress. It comes in many different forms such as edibles or oils, allowing techies to mix and match to their desires.

People in a line of work that requires a lot of creativity, even on the tech side of things, often need CBD stimulants to help get their creative juices flowing. There are many websites such as Artvoice ( and others like it that provide CBD products for that specific need. You could be looking for that perfect web design layout, and an enhancing substance might just help you find it.

Many except the savviest techies often confuse CBD for THC, the latter being the active ingredient in marijuana which can significantly alter one’s cognition while it is in effect. While some might want to steer away from THC as they find it more counterintuitive than CBD, those wanting to come up with more creative solutions to their problems may want to introduce themselves to marijuana products.

With these options, you will hopefully be able to improve performance in a sustainable way that leads to better output and more creative solutions to challenging questions.