The benefits of using smart home systems to control lighting

When building a new house remodeling an old one, lighting fixtures form a critical aspect of this upgrade and modernization. Besides offering convenience, a properly installed automating lighting control system saves money and enhances security. The quality and intensity of light affects us various ways aspects of our lives, ranging from sleep cycles, ability to see and moods. It also aides those outside the home to know if someone is inside. A smart home lighting system offers the best solutions when renovating a home as it gives the appropriate solutions to light control.

Our moods

Light is essential during the day to make us feel and alert but is needed less at night to trigger bodies that it is time to sleep. Using an automated lighting control system could be a great way of easing one’s body and mind since the lights are turned on and off on a timer. Dimmer lights create a relaxing or sedating atmosphere, whereas brighter lights elevate and captivating moods. Moods can thus be controlled by effective coordination of timed lights and a dimmer. There are different types of lighting controls, and the choice may depend on preference as well as cost.

Home Security

The absence of a lighting control may make a home more susceptible to burglary, particularly when one is out on a journey. A darkened home may be a clear sign that someone is not at home. Installing a lamp on a set schedule, or that which can be controlled by a mobile app is a sure way of disguising the passers-by that someone is at home. This, therefore, increases the safety of the home.


Light can be disruptive when one wants to finally retire to bed to either rest or sleep. It is equally inconveniencing to get out of a comfortable bed just to turn off the lights while feeling sleepy. Such situations can, however, be easily solved by a light control module where from a single control, one is able to turn the lamp on and off from the comfort of his/her bed. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home to include these smart home technologies, MZ Electric (check and other similar companies might be able to help.

Save money

It is not uncommon for one to turn on the lights when entering a room, but forget to turn them off when exiting. However, when a room has lights with occupancy sensors, they automatically turn on the light when a person comes in. Likewise, vacancy sensors turn off lights when there is no one in the room. While man is prone to forget, the motion sensors work in a way that why can’t “forget”. This significantly saves money on electricity bill.