The Benefits To Working Remotely

 Due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 that has ripped through the world, enforcing lockdowns being put into place for individual countries, it has made many businesses and companies make their staff work from home; something that for employees lower down the food chain isn’t something they are accustom to. With workplaces starting to get back to normal now, we access what the benefits have been with employees working from home.

Due to employees working from home and therefore being online more often than not, there has been many trends to show that online services are seriously benefitting from this e.g. Netflix. Other online services that are also experiencing this trend as online casinos such as Maximum Casinos. Even now with many workplaces getting back to normal, these trends aren’t due to slow down because of the level of retention they have. 

Firstly, despite many employers being concerned about the lack of productivity of their employees working from home, especially with them not under their supervision, it seems that many actually find the contrary to be true. With working from home, employees are about to set up their workplace where there are comfy and away from anything that is likely to distract them and due to this, they are much more likely to be productive in this environment rather than in your average office.

Another benefit includes less costs for employees in general regarding commuting costs and food costs etc. Generally speaking, most employees don’t enjoy commuting to work and especially don’t like the costs it costs them to get to work so working from home is not just saving them on fuel money, but also wear and tear on the car. Furthermore, the money that they have been saving on lunches each day has been incredible – if the average employee spends £5 a day on lunch, that’s £100 a month they are wasting just on lunch. With working from home, being able to cook and eat when they want has not only been good for their diets, but also for their waistline!

Finally, and potentially one of the most important benefits for the employees themselves is the better mental health. Stress is a big contributor to mental health problems like anxiety and depression; so be able to cut stress levels is obviously a crucial to a productive workforce. Stress is obviously a negative thing for both workplace productivity and office communications so anything that will prevent this is going to benefit output e.g. working from home.

[Image: Siemens Blogs]