Must-Have Apps to Get You Through Your Next RV Trip

Taking a vacation is easier than it has ever been before. You can book a hotel online, rent an RV, and buy tickets to events, shows, and museums before you even leave home. Apps have made it easier to travel too, especially if you’re traveling in an RV, but you do have to know which apps are the best. Your in the right place for anything exploring and Road Trips use Globo Surf.

Don’t waste your time downloading pointless apps that you won’t end up using. Instead, focus on these four kinds of apps that will help you have a pleasant experience throughout your next road trip adventure.

The Right GPS Program

GPS is a must. You probably already know that, but did you know that there are specific apps that can make the time you spend driving your RV easier?

CoPilot is one example, but it isn’t the only one, so don’t be afraid to look at reviews until you find one that you want to try. These GPS apps go above and beyond regular GPS by providing RV-specific routes, offline navigation, and safety information like road grades and bridge heights that enable you to create the perfect route for your next trip.

A Reading App

Reading is a great way to pass the time in an RV, especially if you’re driving in the middle of nowhere and you don’t plan on stopping for a few hours. However, bringing along a bag of bulky books is a bad idea, especially if you’re in a small RV and space is at a premium.

Instead, download at least one reading app. A few examples include:

  • Goodreads can help you find new books you want to read while you’re on the road
  • Google Play Books offers millions of titles that you can start reading for free
  • Free Books has tens of thousands of classics that can be read in entirety for free
  • Epic! is great for kids, as long as you don’t mind paying $5 per month for unlimited access

A Road Trip Planner

Planning a road trip is no easy feat. From planning your route to figuring out what you’re going to do at each stop, there’s no doubt a road trip planner can make it all easier.

Choose from apps that include Roadtrippers, Waze, and GasBuddy that allow you to zero in on roadside attractions, avoid nearby collisions, save on gas, and more. Some programs will even allow you to upload all of your itinerary information so it’s all in one place.

Fun Road Trip Game Apps

Going on a road trip is exciting, but that doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. That is, unless you download a few road trip game apps before you leave!

There are tons to choose from that are perfect for all ages so make sure you sit down with your family before you leave and pick a few to try while you’re on the road.

The right app will make your RV trip so much easier and more enjoyable, especially if you download one of the apps on this list!