Coolest Ways Augmented Reality Is Going to Become More Commonplace

You have likely heard of virtual reality, but you may not have heard of augmented reality. Instead of creating a completely new, virtual environment, it alters, or augments, the existing environment. It’s the kind of technology that enabled Pokémon GO to become such a huge craze.

Well, this cool technology is about a lot more than just finding the ever elusive Charmander. There are many ways this cool technology is going to become more commonplace in our lives in the near future.

Home Design

As a homeowner, you can obtain a 3D video of your upcoming home from a company offering 3d animation sydney or your local area. These professionals tend to create stunning 3D animations that can be experienced through AR devices, allowing you to interact with virtual objects and visualize their dream spaces.

For architects and designers, AR is a game-changer. Clients can now experience lifelike representations of their future buildings, aiding in decision-making and ensuring projects meet expectations.

Games and Apps

Apps are taking the world by storm. They’re so popular that websites are using PWA technology to mimic mobile apps because they’re so user-friendly and intuitive!

Gaming apps have been around for a long time, but they’re getting a much-needed boost in creativity thanks to games that use augmented reality. Pokémon GO is one example that was listed above, but there are many different kinds of augmented reality gaming apps that include:

  • The Machines allows you to create a live-action board game on your own table with gamers from around the world
  • GNOG is a puzzle game that requires you to figure out the solution without any instructions on how to do it
  • Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival allows you to turn your home into your very own house of horrors
  • AR Sports Basketball allows you to set up a basketball hoop just about anywhere so you can practice your shooting technique

Advertising and Marketing

Games are the most obvious way augmented reality will find its way into our everyday lives, but some really creative marketing professionals are using it in their advertising campaigns.

For example, Coca-Cola partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation to set up a cool stunt in the London Science Museum where visitors could get up close and personal with a family of polar bears. Apps, fashion brands, and even television shows have used augmented reality to promote their stuff.

Shopping, Decorating, and Eating

Augmented reality can be about a lot more than creating fun experiences. It will help you make more informed decisions in the future.

A few examples include:

  • Trying on clothes virtually before you buy them
  • Using augmented reality to see how your living room will look before it’s remodeled
  • Seeing a few different menu options right in front of you before you order

Better GPS

What was life like before GPS? Soon, you’ll be wondering what it was like without augmented GPS! Not only can it show you arrows to follow while looking at your screen, with Google mapping technology, you may even be able to GPS your way to the correct aisle in your local drug store.

Virtual reality is pretty cool, but chances are, augmented reality will become a part of our day-to-day lives long before virtual reality does. It’s easy to see how that is likely to be the case when you consider all of these cool ways augmented reality can make like easier, simpler, and more fun!