How e-invoicing is connecting the world

The peppol services have been rapidly recognized across the globe. In the national context, it is probably not a new thing anymore for companies who embrace the peppol business documents transactions. Electronic invoicing has been mandated by certain governments in some countries in Europe, the US, and Asia. But how about e-invoicing around the world?

We know that when one organization attempts to communicate with the other in another country, cross-border interaction has always been the main issue. The commencement of people consulting has given a breath of motivation for many countries who often experience interoperability problems in the international documents exchanges. Initially introduced only for European members, the PEPPOL e-invoicing set of standards has quickly gained popularity in other countries outside Europe.

As you roll up the curtains, it will be easy to see why many countries mandate their entities and suppliers to adopt the peppol services into their existing software.

Perks of PEPPOL e-invoicing

The peppol consulting has pitched such wonderful ideas to many businesses who have the potential to transform their processes to the digital form. Since e-invoicing and other e-procurement have been the staples for their businesses, they can quickly see the relevance with the supply chain. There are many factors that attract both public and private bodies to adopt the specifications into their electronic procurement service.

Speedy payments conduct

According to the experts, the electronic invoice has effectively reduced the average payment waiting times from 74% to 48%. That means the suppliers have the chance to get their funds quickly by 34%, making their money flow much better on a monthly basis. There is a good reason why the paperwork can waste time. The paper invoices take time to reach out to the recipients. When it comes to cross-border invoices, the delivery times will also be much longer.

Then there is e-invoicing. But it is not solving the problem entirely. Each company has different software or solutions in its on-premise infrastructure. Each software has different languages. Therefore, communication will be more challenging here. There are also risks of misunderstanding or errors.

The peppol services handle this problem for good. Since both parties are using the same specifications, the invoices will easily hit on the right spot. Both the sender and recipient will understand each other when exchanging the information.

The e-invoicing with the peppol network can process this much faster. The faster the billing reaches your clients, the faster you’ll get paid.

Mitigate the risks of errors and other problems

The automation of the peppol services, will make the interactions between the entities much faster and effective. Each party has applied the same standards and procedures. This will ease each of them to exchange the documents without having any problems.

There are over three dozen countries that have adopted PEPPOL standards in their solutions. That means it opens such great opportunities for your business to make relations with international partners across the border.

Save time and money

As mentioned back there, the peppol services can save your time in exchanging the information with the other parties.

Moreover, you can save your financial resources since there are no other expenses such as paper, ink, envelopes, and other stationeries. The practice can also help your company to save more money in the operational.

Simplify the tax

Tax evasion will be the last thing you want to experience. With the extensive monitoring of the authorities who work together with OpenPEPPOL and the members, the peppol application in daily operation has successfully reduced tax evasion.

In many of the countries who have the PEPPOL membership, the mandate of e-invoicing has rapidly encouraged the public and private groups to adopt the particular specifications.

PEPPOL – the Invoices International Solution

Keep in mind that it is not a platform. Rather, it is an instrument of the electronic invoice. It was initiated by European Union. The specifications can effectively guide the exchange of business documents and other procurements in the commercial transactions.

Not only across the country but the commercial transactions observed by PEPPOL can also be at the international level as well. And no matter how broad the transactions would be, this solution can guarantee a high quality of interoperability.

But there’s a takeaway. Such maximum interoperability will only work for those who have joined the peppol network. Therefore, it is important to raise the awareness of the PEPPOL importance in the business and particular project run by the government bodies, as well as public and private entities.

It is no longer supporting the objective of the European Single Market. Surprisingly, it goes beyond the initial objective. Thanks to the series of perks that are realized by the concerned countries, the peppol services can reach international trades.

Besides the European members, there are also non-EU countries who have benefited from the standards such as Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.

The number of the countries who adopt peppol consulting is increasing from time to time. And there is no sign that it can stop anytime soon.The significant advantages are real and tangible. It has been proven in the millions of transactions within the peppol network.

Peppol is indeed a great bridge that connects the most distant countries, banishing the barriers and obstacles between them. Since all companies and groups can insert the peppol services into their existing system, there is no need to get the solution from scratch. They can cut corners and be involved with the international market as soon as possible.

In many countries where SMEs and startups are struggling to connect with their international partners, the peppol business documents are the real deal. The adoption of the particular solution will help them to open their way to be participating in the international market.

Many other countries, although have yet to propose the obligations, are encouraging their public and private entities to adopt the e-invoicing by Peppol.

In many of these countries, the application of e-invoicing has been done with the membership of peppol.

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