Getting ‘Appy with Online Gambling

It’ll probably take you reading only one or two of my previously published blog posts to realise that I’m one of those classic geeks who would always choose the full experience over one which I can easily perceive to be a half-baked one. In practice, what this means is that I think mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are to be used as make-shift solutions, deployed in the meantime, while you make your way back home to your full-sized desktop computer.

A laptop could perhaps be seen to be a halfway device, but one which is closer to the full-sized desktop PC by way of the experience it offers. There’s virtually no difference, apart from the fact that the size of your screen is likely a tad smaller and that you have a limited amount of time on the device. Sure, laptop batteries last a pretty long time these days, but only while the machine is still new or if it hasn’t as yet suffered the effects of planned obsolescence!

This justified desktop PC preference can be applied to pretty much any user experience which has you consuming or interacting with some digital media. As an avid online gambler in particular, naturally you’d prefer your full-sized computer, but be that as it may, I reckon it’s time to get comfortable with getting ‘appy with your online gambling exploits. There are a number of reasons for this…

A better experience in mobility

There is always a better experience to be had in being able to be mobile with some of your favourite entertainment media, such as online gambling. When you’re a more serious online gambler, you wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity to develop and perfect your betting strategy, which can only be done through constant engagement. You can’t do that if you have to rely on being seated at your study, where your desktop PC is waiting.

Mobile casino apps are becoming more intuitive

Mobile casino apps are indeed becoming more and more intuitive, with – GASP – some games even playing better one-handed, on a mobile device than on a desktop screen. Besides, how much screen real estate do you need if you’re just placing live bets on a game such as the roulette, for instance?

Anytime, anywhere access

Playing on the best live casino online might have its value in being able to access the live games at specific times, such as when many other people are online too and the progressive jackpots are at their brimming fullest. As a result, using your mobile device allows you that freedom to access the platform anytime, anywhere. It’s also just nice to be able to use the free Wi-Fi of places such as airports, hotels you’re waiting to check in to, etc…

Fewer distractions

Lastly, betting on online casino games offers fewer distractions if you’re doing it via your mobile device. Sure, you could very well be trialling some kind of betting strategy, but not having multiple windows open in your field of view means you can focus on the “job” at hand and perform better.