Clever ways to use video to make your marketing strategy successful

About 90% of businesses now say that their marketing strategy incorporates video as an important element of its makeup. People love to watch videos. YouTube has become increasingly successful, and now we see videos on LinkedIn and Facebook and throughout blog posts in every niche.

Video enables website visitors to connect with the face of your business and to develop a personal trust that can’t be derived purely through the written word.

There are just so many things you can do to give your business the much-needed edge, such as making sure you have the proper tools, team, business insurance, and policies, but a strong marketing strategy should definitely be top of the list.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can use video to enhance your strategy in the marketing game.

Be professional, natural and conversational

Some videos that work the best online are those that focus on “hello this is me, and this is what I do!”. By adding a video like this to your homepage, you can build credibility and influence within 90 seconds of people hitting your website. Do it professionally and make sure it is with a written script, so you’re not struggling to put your words together, but make sure to sound natural and conversational.

Videos that answer questions

Videos are a great way to answer questions before they become objections. Creating and sharing explainer videos for your prospects and your site visitors can really help to boost sales.

The video should outline key and unique features and benefits of your brand offering, test cases, case studies and provide clear answers to questions or doubts that may arise. The tough part can be to get people actually to watch the videos that you produce, so make sure that you have an intelligent marketing or sales strategy to drive that process. You could maybe try using interactive video marketing so people can select a question they would like to hear the answer to, for example, and customize their viewing experience a little more.

Videos should tell stories, not sell

As human beings, we are wired to respond to stories. The digital space is cluttered with online adverts and sales messages. So, when you explain the story of your business, your product or your staff, you are more likely to resonate with the human side of your prospects. If you connect with customers, then they will buy from you.

Develop videos for confirmation emails for purchases

Videos are excellent when sent in emails to clients that have already bought from you. It’s much easier to sell to someone who is happy with the product already than it is to sell to someone who has never bought from you. Use videos to thank people for their purchases and to highlight other offerings your prospects may be interested in, but remember to focus around the story.

Landing pages that are customised for specific target audiences

These days it’s possible to drive people to pages from social media or from Google with very targeted messages. You can, therefore, create great video content for target demographics and then sell to them.

Customised landing pages with videos that would appeal to specific audiences you have identified are far more likely to work than across-board videos that are meant to appeal to everyone. You can make lots of variations of videos using cloud-based tools, or with something like Adobe Premiere Pro, and provide experiences that delight your prospects.

Social teasers

There are lots of platforms where you can add small social teasers of 10 or 15 seconds to attract people to your brand. Apple, Wells Fargo, Sony and many other big brands do this routinely to build the brand image. They can be relatively cheap to produce and can do a fantastic job of attracting people with a positive attitude toward your brand, without distracting or disturbing them.

Video testimonials

Reviews and video testimonials are becoming increasingly important in the online space. If you can get your customers to do a video testimonial, then that will help massively in adding credibility to your brand and making your sales easier to achieve. Make them genuine, relatable and professional.

These are just some of the ideas that you can use to make marketing videos work for you in your marketing strategy. Also, make sure you’re keeping on top of current trends. Look out for augmented reality and virtual reality in the online space in the near future, as you can already see them popping up around the Internet. The customers of tomorrow will expect these high-level technologies to add to their experience and will often choose not to patronise companies that won’t provide them with an exceptional experience.