Best Productivity Apps

With us now living deep into the digital age, many of us are looking for the best application to ensure that we are working to our optimum performance in terms of productivity and with the number of apps on the market now, we have host of choices in which we can choose from to help us do this. Due to this, we’ve created a list of apps that we have found to be the more beneficial in terms of keeping productivity high.

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The first app in which would recommend for users to have if they are looking to improve productivity would be Hootsuite. Social media has become a vital marketing tool for business to ensure that they are pushing their products or services to the world and Hootsuite enables you to control all your social media from the same application. Hootsuite is a social media management app that allows you to keep your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles up to date from the same page without having to flick through each one to post. Hootsuite will cost the business a monthly fee but will save you hours of time when it comes to marketing your business via socials.

Have you heard of slack yet? We would be surprised if you haven’t as its one of the fastest growing applications in 2020 as a communication app. E-mail is perfect for more formal conversations with important reminders but can be tedious if you want to just send short and sharp messages. Slack ensures that all your office communications are neatly organised and searchable and allows you to create channels for different projects, departments and clients which makes it the perfect communication app.

Trello is another app that we have been seeing many benefits to due to the productivity it gives you in the work environment. Trello is a project management app that makes organising and delivering them so much easy with step-by-step notes on how you are going to deliver on your project. The drag and drop accessibility for this app is the best feature about it due to making is one of the easiest to use and the customization of it allows you to use Trello as you please. Trello is a free to use app however they do offer a premium plan which has some additional features to improve your productivity.

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