6 Strategies to Market an App in 2021

Are you developing a new app and want to find ways to reach a brand new audience?

Well, the good news is that there are a ton of opportunities for you to grow through traditional and unique strategies. The Internet is swarming with new people who might have an interest in your app, but you need to find a way to reach them.

Below are 6 great strategies for marketing your app in 2021:

(1) Finding influencers to test it.

Finding relevant influencers to try your app and talk about it can help you instantly reach a new audience. Collaborate with a variety of influencers in your niche to build a long-lasting relationship and turn leaders in the industry into your biggest fans.

Try finding influencers on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

(2) Creating an effective email marketing campaign.

James Idayi of Cloudzat recommends putting together a well-researched, strategic email marketing campaign. Despite what people thought a few years ago, email marketing hasn’t gone anywhere. In fact, they can be more effective than ever, if done correctly.

Create a strong email marketing campaign by employing email finder tools (visit https://rocketreach.co/ to learn more), catchy subtitles and brief, and send these emails directly to your audience on a regular basis.

You’ll help people grow an emotional connection with the app and keep updated on things as they happen. It can be a very effective marketing strategy.

(3) Giving people a glimpse behind the scenes.

Piyush Yadav, the owner of Ask Any Difference, recommends you give specific people a glimpse behind the scenes to get them interested.

App creators can use platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more to create a personal relationship between the app and user. People will get emotionally invested and, after being stringed along for so many months with updates, they’ll need to give the app a try.

Take videos, share regular updates with people from your company, and keep people informed on things as they happen.

(4) Putting together a guest posting strategy.

Guest posting is a great marketing strategy to pursue and can help you reach a whole new audience. Find websites in relevant niches and find a way to contribute new guest articles that position you as a thought leader.

Write articles related to the problem your app is fixing and position your app as the solution. It will expose yourself to a new audience, provide quality links back to your website, and be great for when people search for your app.

(5) Getting some Press

PR is a great way to grow your app and build an audience. Find relevant writers to pitch and secure mentions in relevant publications to make your app appear more reputable.

A classic PR campaign can help you grow your app and one major feature can make a huge difference behind the growth of your app. Darcy Cudmore of Darcy Allan PR has worked with apps in the past and has seen the many benefits that have come from securing top-tier features.

(6) Building the best app possible!

The best marketing tool can be done by creating the very best app you can. If you can do that, then you are well on your way to finding an audience and impressing them.

It all starts with the development of your app and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take no shortcuts, put everything you have into it, and be proud of the finished product. Because if you aren’t fully satisfied with the app you’ve created, then you won’t be as comfortable in sharing it with a wider audience.

Your marketing starts in the development room and, after you’ve mastered that, will find its way to the people who care and have an interest!