WSOP Texas Hold’em app review

If you want to brush up on your Texas hold’em poker skills, you need to be au fait with the poker apps on the market. Practice makes perfect – if you want to be the best of the best at online poker, you need to have the best app out there locked and loaded on your device. With this in mind, today we’re taking a look at the app from poker giants WSOP to see what it offers mobile players.

Given they are the biggest and longest-running name in poker, our expectations were high going into this app review. There is something comforting that comes from knowing you’re playing with a responsible organisation who take handling users data seriously. It also means that they know how to do ‘casino-style’ better than any other. The WSOP app is straight out of Vegas…and that’s how we like it. It has just the right amount of glitz without allowing it to distract from the game. Fold, hold and raise buttons are easy to spot and you can check out your competition in the handy character bubbles. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than being bombarded with ads when you’re trying to play the hand of your life – the WSOP does no such thing, and that’s a massive tick in my book!

The app creators have done players a serviceby offering up free chips to keep you motivated. You’ll receive a nice little chunk every four hours. Another great touch that keeps you engaged is the option to travel the world! As you progress with your play, you’ll open up tables at international locations like Sydney and Atlantic City. You can connect the app to Facebook to open up a whole host of new features, plus in between hands, you can try your luck on a fun mini-slot game.

Another aspect of the app that gets my seal of approval is the way that it supports your personal development in the game of poker. While I’m a dab hand at Hold’em, my Omaha could do with a little fine tuning. The app allows you to play both disciplines. Additionally, you’re provided with statistics on how you play. We all know the best players watch their matches back and analyse other players statistics to become the best. This feels like an app, that while a whole lot of fun, is also a good training platform for players who want to escalate their poker career into the big leagues.

Speaking of which…are you located in the US State of Nevada? If so, and you’re over 21, you can download an upgrade for the app that allows you to play for real money.

Overall the WSOP app is exactly what you’d imagine – reliable, simple to use and a fantastic platform to help you hone your game.