What you can Expect at a Language Conference

Before the onset of COVID-19, language conferences were an excellent way for language service providers and professional translators from around the world to meet, mingle and share ideas about how to improve the industry as a whole. As a meeting of the minds, conferences were arenas where great strides were made in advancing the language service industry.

Though with restricted travel and ordinances prohibiting large gatherings of people, many of these conferences have gone virtual. This is not all bad; through virtual conferences, more interested parties are able to attend and learn. Until the pandemic is over and large gatherings of people are free to assemble safely, conferences will remain online. And, companies like Goldcast are coming up with more innovative ways to make these online conferences a success.

Online language conferences open a world of opportunities for professionals to share information from the convenience of their own location. Without costly travel, there is greater potential for the best in the business to be available for a seminar or Q&A and for new professionals interested in gathering information to attend.

Are you new to the language service scene and interested in learning more about what happens at a language conference? Here’s what you can expect:

Industry Updates from Leaders

At language conferences, leaders in the industry come together to share what they’ve learned, and it’s super helpful for everyone. No matter where you work or what you’re interested in, there’s a talk that fits your needs. They invite really smart people, like this keynote and motivational speaker orlando, to talk to everyone, tell them about new things happening, and even give them a boost of motivation.

These talks are like mini-shows, about 20 minutes long, kind of like TED talks. They cover different parts of the industry, like money stuff, cool tech things, and ways to make a business grow. The cool part is that these talks get translated into lots of languages so everyone can understand and get the right info. It’s like a big learning party where everyone gets to know what’s going on and can talk about it.

Updates on Different Management systems

Technology for customer management systems continues to improve and update on a weekly basis, with each update further optimizing users’ time and efficiency. This system might be effective for firms with an in-house translation team or professional language service providers who are lacking a proper management system. They could learn more about different aspects of customer management such as task management, invoice generation, and workflow monitoring.

At nearly every conference, you can expect to hear from leading customer management system companies sharing updates about their product’s newest features and how they can benefit your business.

Creative Problem Solving

One of the most applicable benefits of meeting fellow professionals in your industry is the venue to share creative problem solving techniques. Your colleagues have likely faced the same challenges you have in work, and together you can develop innovative solutions to increase productivity.

Many conferences additionally have experts on hand to hold seminars on some of the frequent hang-ups and hurdles language service providers face. You will find comfort learning from them and knowing that some of your work struggles will soon be alleviated.