Video Game Trends for Coming Years

With the newest consoles having just been released this past holiday season, the huge successes being seen with the mobile gaming market, and the growing PC gaming market too as esports continues to thrive, gaming as a whole is at an all time high with some great upcoming planned releases too its set to be a great decade for gaming as a whole. Whilst many will still be awaiting the wider spread arrival of things like virtual reality to enhance the gaming experience, there are other gaming trends to look forward to for the same period of time.

Mobile will continue to thrive

Changing attitudes towards gaming and the changing audience that has led to a shift where the majority is now primarily women over the age of 34 taking part in mobile gaming means that different genres will continue to emerge and grow. The biggest recently has certainly been within online casinos found here with the likes of the cashmo online casino, but other big names in mobile gaming have also started to emerge and started to become amongst the most popular too leading to a market that’s changing very quickly and a trend in gaming in itself.

Remakes and remasters will continue coming in

The past three or four years, in particular, have seen a huge number of remakes and remasters of old classics to capture the nostalgia of the players who grew up with these games – whilst some have been a little more miss than hit, others have been a huge success particularly with the likes of the remake of the Final Fantasy 7 stories showing just how far things have come since the original release back in 1997, both in terms of graphics and gameplay too. Other recent titles like the Pokémon Snap remake have risen to the top of the global seller’s lists to show just how popular this gaming trend is.

FFVII Remake vs Nostalgia – The Lifestream(Image from

Early releases and early testing

It has become a common theme particularly for indie studios to release games early and provide players with early access opportunities, and whilst these games can be filled with bugs and issues this is just par for the course – these early release opportunities are essentially just paid beta tests, and although not something for everyone, it’s unlikely to be something that goes away as it has been so successful, and it has been something that many players actually look forward to the most about a new release.

These are just a few of the expected trends and there are certainly many others to follow, it’s going to be an exciting few years for gaming as new hardware continues to be explored and pushed to the limits to deliver something new year on year.