Three apps that exercise mind, body and soul

It’s easy to say you want to make improvements to key areas in your life, but sometimes we must have a push in the right direction.

People are increasingly turning to apps for guidance with their personal development, and with the quality of these offerings improving all the time, we’re going to give you our top three apps to provide a well-rounded self-improvement programme.

Although these apps are freely available, there are charges for premium or extended versions of them.

These prices will all be laid out in the description. These are not affiliate links, simply recommendations curated and distilled from a range of sources.

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Personal education is huge right now, so why not start with getting yourself an online tutor. This online tutoring platform gives the user the ability to find and book the tutor of their choice, for the subject of their choice. Home schooling is huge for kids around the world in 2019, with more parents than ever deciding to school their themselves. Many choose to supplement this with self-tutoring, to enable them to effectively teach their children.

Adult education is also a large growth sector, with websites like Udemy and Coursera offering a range of online courses. However, many people still like the thought of having a knowledgeable tutor to guide them thought the learning process, steering them in the right direction for success.

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The world and his dog seem to be running at the moment, which is a good thing for you. There are many different apps to choose from that track your exercise and crunch your data, but this one seems to be a firm favourite. Sync it up with Google Fit or Apple Health for more detailed tracking and sharing of your info. The app can also use data from a smartwatch or Apple watch for heartrate and blood pressure readings.

Being able to track your runs or bike rides using GPS and seeing the stats in real time is a big plus, you also have the ability to share photos, updates and stats with your followers in the app and on popular social media sites. There is a premium offering called Summit, with Training, Safety and Analysis packs available with a 30-day free trial, after which they’re 5 EUR a month.

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Mindfulness and mental wellbeing are currently all the rage, and rightly so. Mental health awareness is on the rise, with many people discovering the value in training the mind to be more focused and calmer in the face of daily stresses. This app offers a range of meditations, programmes and goal setting features. Many life coaches recommend this app, as it compliments a coaching programme with high-quality content and functionality.

There are three types of paid options, as well as a free option too with limited features. Pay either 12.99 USD for a monthly subscription to a wealth of content or reduce that cost with a yearly payment that equals 7.99 USD per month. Families can join for 19.99 USD per month.

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