Three apps all soccer fans should have!

Mobile Apps have become a vital part of everyday life – some so much so that people can rarely live without their impact on a daily basis.

The sport of soccer has the largest following in the world and it’s no surprise to see that it has a wide range of apps available for their fans to utilize. The market is filled with apps of differing quality, but here we will highlight three that soccer supporters should not be without.

Premier League

The Premier League developed their own app to update followers on news, results and statistics from the top division of English soccer – or football, as it’s known there. It provides up-to-date information on team news, informing supporters of the latest details surrounding their club. The app allows users to pick their favorite team(s) to follow – filtering out all the other news and information from the rest of the Premier League on their feed. The app also allows users to view match highlights from Premier League games as well as interviews with managers and players.

Perhaps its most popular feature is the fantasy soccer game – where users pick a team of players from the league on a budget to compete against their friends and family. Millions play the game every season and compete for lucrative prizes offered by the league. It’s free to use and the aesthetics of the app are pleasing on the eye. It has simple functionality, making it extremely easy to navigate and use for users of all ages.


Active users of social media will have the free app already downloaded. It has become the crucial app for breaking news in the world of sport. There is no means of gathering information faster from a soccer ground than Twitter – other than actually being in attendance. Its importance for soccer clubs is paramount – perhaps even surpassing their own websites as their primary source of informing their fans of team events. Hence there has been a huge investment in the area to gain the best use of the platform.

Much like the Premier League – you choose which accounts you wish to follow. To get a broad picture of the game and all the leagues you can opt to follow as many accounts as you like – especially if you’re a huge fan of the game.

Following the right account can arm you with crucial information – especially if you have money riding on the outcomes of matches. If you’re tracking the Premier League or Championship betting odds and are following a Twitter feed of a reporter or team account, the information gained may allow you to make that quick decision that could pay dividends. Especially in seasons such as the current term where one goal can change a great deal in the table.

One Football

This app is geared to soccer fans that follow events across the globe and have a desire to see a concentration of news in one place. It has better access for American fans of the game, offering unique coverage of the USMNT and USWNT along with the MLS and all of the franchises.

Like the Premier League app, there are opportunities to follow along with the live commentaries or read recaps of games. There are videos available with unique content being produced discussing the hot topics within the game. There are highlights available, although they come through Tweets that are embedded on the app.

One Football posts original content, including match reports and opinion pieces. However, it also sources quality content from around the web on the game from fan websites. It’s a different approach from other soccer apps, but the content is sharp and well presented. The app is well constructed and aesthetically pleasing along with being easy to navigate.