The new PS5; What to expect

The reason why the world has advanced to the way it is today is that people continue to innovate, even on things that have already been produced. When an item is produced, it is not just left the way it is, with everybody using it that way and then looking to invent something entirely new. The company that produced the item would want to continue to dedicate resources towards producing better versions of that item or device. This applies to the Playstation console and has easily contributed to making the console one of the most common gaming console all over the world. The first version of the PlayStation was launched in 1994. Since then, 3 other versions of the game console have been developed namely PS2, PS3, and PS4 respectively. The first version of PS 4 was launched in 2012, while the last version of PS4 was launched in 2016. Currently, the new PS5 is under development. With this new model being developed, some people may decide that they no longer need their old PlayStation. If this is the case, it might be worth visiting Backflip to see how much they would be willing to pay for it. That way, people can get some money for their old gaming consoles. This article will discuss what to expect in the new PS5.

PS5 Expected Date of Release
It is expected that the PlayStation 5 would be released before the end of 2020. Considering that the financial year of Sony, the company that produces PS, would be concluded in March 2010, the company has stated that the sales of PS5 would not start before April of 2020.

PS5 Specifications
The expected PS5 specifications were made public by October 2019. It is stated that the PS5 would feature 80core console as well as the Zen Two Microarchitecture by AMD’s based 16 thread central processing unit. The console was designed on a process node of 7 nanometers. The PS 5 processor for graphics will consist of AMD’s Navi class custom variant utilizing RDNA microarchitecture. This will include hardware acceleration support of rendering for ray-tracing, which enables ray-traced real-time graphics. A customized SSD storage will ship with the console. Mark Cerny emphasized that a larger bandwidth and faster loading times were necessary so that games can be more immersive. It is also expected to support streaming fo required content from CD for a resolution of 8K. The console is expected to come with support for ultra HD Blue-ray and 100GB Blu-ray disc. Even though the installation of games will be from a CD to the SSD storage, it will be possible for the player to decide which features of the game they want to install. For instance, only the part of the game that can be played by multiple players might be required. It is also expected that PS5 would use lesser energy compared to PS4.

Backward Compatibility
Initially, it was said that that PS5 would have backward compatibility with PS4. This implies it would be possible to play PS4 games on PS5. However, Sony is avoiding any commitment along that line in recent times.

User experience
The user interface in PS5 will be an interface that has been completely revamped. The user will be able to communicate with the computer and get feedback. The triggers of the control will also be adaptive, as it would be able to change resistance while the game is on during an activity such as backward pulling of an arrow.