Simple steps to Fake GPS Location on WhatsApp using iPhone

In this helping article about guiding whatsapp send fake location, I will guide you step by step and after following these steps you will be able to share your fake location on your whatsApp with your friends and family and any person in the world. So if you are interested to learn how you will send fake location on WhatsApp then, here is solution: I will use Dr. Fone application to solve you’re these problems. In this short tutorial, you will see some easy steps to change WhatsApp location on your IPhone using Dr. Fone.

Please keep eyes on these phases to practically do how to use fake location WhatsApp using Dr. Fone- Virtual Location (iOS), by using these simple steps you will be able to send fake live location on WhatsApp.

  1. First of all you have to search Dr. Fone on Google and visit website.
  2. Now select your operating system according setup to download for your computer
  3. Install downloaded setup to your computer.
  4. Now do these simple steps.
  5. Launch Dr. Fone on your computer.
  6. Connect iPhone with computer
  7. Click on virtual location.
  8. Find your exact location at this time on your mobile phone.
  9. Now activate teleport mode and go for the next.
  10. Select any location in this world and click on the move Here option to show fake location of this place.
  11. If you want to confirm that location is changed then you have to open your whatsApp and see the location on your whatsapp.

Now you can send fake location on WhatsApp, your iPhone will shows WhatsApp fake live location.

What are the times when you have to share fake live location on WhatsApp

  • You are in a humorous mood and make some fun with your room mates.
  •  Want to give a surprise to your family.
  • It will help you more when you don’t want your personal to know your real location while you are separate partying with friends; fake WhatsApp live location will hide all your locations.
  • You can make a joke with your brother.

Hope this covers all question in your mind about fake live location on WhatsApp. The fake GPS location WhatsApp gives you a key that makes difference in your entire life.  The fake GPS for WhatsApp is one of the best to solve any problem regarding your hiding the places and locations on your iPhone using Dr. Fone- Virtual Location (iOS). So I hope you understand now how to use fake WhatsApp live location.

At times, you feel good about it that an important person has set you time but there are times when you get annoyed and don’t want others to know about your location, so the fake live location for WhatsApp will help you to get rid of from this situation.

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