Security Trends in Online Betting

Online betting and gambling have never been more popular than they are right now. The various sports betting arizona sites and alike ones of comparable caliber tend to have such heavy traffic, these days. Each year, we spend billions upon billions of Euros betting online in the hopes of striking it rich and getting lucky. Because of the fact that we spend so much money betting online, as well as the fact that we also have to enter personal and sensitive information, staying safe and secure online is vital.

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated which is why it’s vital to choose a safe and secure betting site. You could look at top casino lists on various websites similar to casino123 ( and others to find the most popular and reliable one. In any case, here’s a look at some upcoming security trends in online betting for 2020.


A few years ago, biometric security was considered the stuff of Sci-Fi. Then, out rolled smart phones with thumb print recognition tech, followed by facial recognition technology, and suddenly biometrics was a part of everyday life. When it comes to staying safe online however, biometric security can really prove useful.

More and more apps are now utilizing biometric security such as thumb print and facial recognition tech, to keep them safe and secure. If you lost your phone with all of your apps on there, the last thing you’d want for it to fall into the wrong hands and to have somebody access your account. Biometric technology helps to ensure that that isn’t an issue.

‘Secure by design’ devices

When betting online, most people nowadays use a smart phone or a tablet. We use our phones to pay for all manner of items, and in truth, we do so without batting an eyelid. In the past, some devices have been made vulnerable to cyber criminals and online threats. Nowadays, though, new devices are rolling off of the production lines and are being known as ‘secure by design’. This is precisely as it sounds. These smart phones, laptops, tablets, and so on, are being designed with extra security measures installed, so the risk of a cyber attack is reduced dramatically before a single piece of personal info is entered. When downloading online betting apps and signing up for betting offers like the ones at sites like Find Betting Sites, Bet365 or the US BetMGM brand, this additional peace of mind is certainly worth having.

Cyber risk insurance

Whatever your feelings on insurance may be, when you need it, boy does it come in handy. Nowadays, more and more businesses are being forced to take out cyber risk insurance. Cyber risk insurance is not only put in place to reimburse customers of said business who may be out of pocket due to a cyber attack or data breach on the business itself, but it is also put in place in the event of the business suffering a damaged reputation.

Expect more and more online betting sites and apps to incorporate cyber risk insurance over the coming months.

Additional attention paid to 5G

With 5G slowly being rolled out across the nation, 5G looks set to revolutionize the online betting industry. However, 5G is also a significant security risk for betting sites, and online businesses in general. Thanks to recent goings on with Huawei , for example, The concern is that, thanks to 5G increasing the number of connected devices which receive and send info, as well as the ability to access the network remotely, and routine network updates of course, this could leave more devices vulnerable to sophisticated cyber criminals.

5G requires expanded bandwidth, which basically gives the cyber criminals a greater attack surface. Therefore, security experts will be paying very close attention to 5G and 5G enabled devices used for betting online.