Raiser’s Edge vs Raiser’s Edge NXT: Differences in Capabilities & Advantages of Both

Raiser’s Edge is legacy constituent management and fundraising software. Raiser’s Edge NXT is the most recent version, which publicly launched in July 2015. RE NXT has Blackbaud integration with other platforms made by the same company and cloud-based functionality that sets this version apart from previous releases. The preceding version, Raiser’s Edge 7, lives on in the database view of RE NXT and is still necessary for several important functions. Find out more about the differences between these releases in terms of data management for nonprofits.

Why Raiser Edge NXT Still Relies On Raisers Edge 7

Raiser’s Edge NXT is primarily a redesigned interface with cloud accessibility through a network client. The network client supports the web-based interface that can simplify the user experience for fundraisers with regard to quick record access and updates. 

Raiser’s Edge 7 remains at the core of RE NXT. This database interface is still used to create and make major updates to records. RE NXT is much easier to install if an organization is already using RE 7, which is no longer available as a standalone product. Both platforms require a Raiser’s Edge integration to make constituent contact information available to third-party applications or tools and update records to include information that originates on external platforms.

Gain Access to Fundraising Data Through an All New Web Based Interface

Fundraising is an easier and more visually pleasing task in the new RE NXT web interface. Although it is still necessary to use a network client to access this cloud-based interface, this layout is useful for providing a snapshot of constituent or organization records and makes it possible to quickly add or update some information in records.  

The functionality of the RE NXT web interface is simplified compared to the database view. Some functions can only be performed in the database view. Creating records requires working in this view, as do tasks that involve queries and segmentation. In general, fundraisers can appreciate the streamlined look and feel and improved dashboard-building capabilities of RE NXT.

Connecting Raiser’s Edge To Third-Party Software

Blackbaud software is designed to work together and has limited support for third-party integrations. While Raiser’s Edge supports database and fundraising functions, this software does not have the next-generation engagement management solutions that are available through applications. 

A cloud-based integration platform is the best way to make RE NXT data available in other software and document relevant information in contact and organization records. A platform like Omatic simplifies obstacles that may arise from the methodology of Raiser’s Edge when used in conjunction with external applications.

The limited built-in Blackbaud integration support is one of the biggest challenges when using any version of Raiser’s Edge. If an organization plans to use this CRM and fundraising platform, opt for the latest version of RE NXT and rely on cloud-based integration software to ensure that information does not get siloed. Integration can expand the functionality of Raiser’s Edge when working alongside the wide variety of email marketing, social media engagement and online fundraising tools that are now available to nonprofits.