Now is the Best Time to Buy Luxury Condos for Sale in Jomtien

Jomtien Beach, the six-kilometer stretch of pristine shoreline just south of Pattaya, is one home to some Thailand’s most coveted real estate. In large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the property market is strong for buyers, making it the best time to buy or invest in one of the numerous luxury condos for sale in Jomtien. Additionally, in an economy looking for stimulation, buyers have tremendous leverage to get great deals on financing or low-interest loans as well.

For those interested in property ownership in Jomtien but are still a bit wary, we’ve curated a few choice reasons and long-term benefits to help you take the plunge. Alternatively, people from outside of Thailand can check out this great article from simon conn to understand what it takes to invest in a property overseas.

The Market Will Rebound

With a global economy struggling to cope with the pandemic, property markets worldwide have suffered. In Pattaya, this struggle is exacerbated by the additional lack of tourists picking up short-term rentals. Many property owners have no choice but to lower prices in hopes to attract a new buyer who invests for the long term.

Of course, the market will inevitably rebound strongly. All the luxury condos for sale in Jomtien are sure to increase in value and become quite lucrative assets in the near future. Whether you plan to inhabit your new condo, rent it out once potential tenants have passed a screening (you can see this site to see what sort of things you may wish to screen for), or hold it as an investment piece, the risk-reward ratio is heavily slanted right now, but it won’t remain that way for long.

Save on Travel and Hotel Costs

If you are looking for something with immediate benefits, there are plenty of luxury condos for sale in Jomtien that can serve as a convenient weekend or short-term escape. Jomtien is only a 2-hour drive from downtown Bangkok and provides the same getaway experience that some other popular beaches in Thailand do. Jomtien could prove to be the perfect getaway for people who want to experience a Las Vegas feel in Asia. Who knows if they can make it a perfect reason to Sell Real Estate in Las Vegas and move here, too. Additionally, similar to luxury hotels, most developments in Jomtien are decked out with top-notch facilities like expansive pools, onsite seafood restaurants, fitness centers, and more.

Without continually breaking the bank on flights and hotels, you and your family can experience an authentic Thailand beach experience week after week while retaining the comfort of being at home. The cost-savings of domestic travel during the pandemic will not last, making it a wiser financial decision to own the 5-star getaway rather than chase it.

Proximity to Pattaya Without Being in Pattaya

While Pattaya may not always have the greatest reputation, it is still a booming Thai city providing residents access to nearly every modern convenience. Shopping centers, gourmet restaurants, and endless entertainment are found throughout Pattaya and are just around the corner from the luxury condos for sale in Jomtien.

That said, Jomtien is far enough away from Pattaya to be devoid of some of the hassles of a city, such as traffic, street noise, and pollution. Jomtien’s location uniquely provides both convenience to Pattaya and shelter from it. Additionally, Jomtien is close to U-Tapao Airport, making domestic travel simple should you be coming from areas of Thailand other than Bangkok.