Mayan Mysteries: the real mystery behind the online slot games

The secrets of the Maya have been enchanting online slot players for years. But who were the Maya, and what is it that makes them so mysterious?

The Maya Civilisation

The Maya are an ancient civilisation that flourished thousands of years ago in the rainforests of Mesoamerica (an area now known as Guatemala, Belize and south-east Mexico). The first Maya cities were developed all the way back in 750 BC and were built with their own temples and a palace for the ruling King. Although none of the Kings from separate cities united to form an empire, from what historians have gathered, Maya people all shared a similar way of life.

They’ve been noted for their art, architecture, mathematics, calendar and astronomical system, as well as the human sacrifices to their beloved deities. However, there’s much about the Maya that remains unknown.

The Mystery of Ancient History

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Maya (in fact, one of the biggest mysteries in all ancient history), is the collapse of their civilisation somewhere between 800 and 925 CE. Historians are still left wondering exactly what resulted in their downfall and left the cities of a once thriving people to be reclaimed by the jungle and crumble to ruin.

The Online Slot Games

It’s no doubt the mystery surrounding the Maya that excites our imaginations today and is the reason they have become a popular subject of modern slots online. Here are a couple of the best slots available to play today:


Designed by the game software developer Quickspin, Mayana is a colourful celebration of Maya culture built with bright cartoon visuals. The reels are set within a traditional stone temple deep in the Mesoamerican jungle, and feature animals which roar to life when landed on.

When it comes to bonus features, player’s benefit from two. Firstly, there are Mayana Re-Spins which get triggered whenever a player connects three matching symbols. The reel grid expands with each re-spin awarded, providing the player with even more ways to win. And on the final re-spin, if the grid has been fully expanded, the second bonus comes into effect: the Mucha Mayana Feature. This sees spins multiplied up to 20x for even more spectacular wins.

The 96.63% RTP makes it a rewarding choice for slot players seeking regular returns, and it provides a fun gaming experience on all desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Mayan Mysteries

Mayan Mysteries is a simple yet compelling slot from the growing software company, Cayetano Gaming. It takes players back in time to hunt for Maya treasures for as little as 10p or as much as £100 per spin and can even be placed in Auto Play to make things easier for players.

Despite having relatively few bonus features compared to other online slot games, it’s rated highly for the fact that winning combinations can be landed anywhere on the 10 paylines. Players also benefit from special Mystery Symbols, which transform to reveal a hidden icon and help to keep the gameplay exciting.

What’s more, it’s been specifically optimised to run smoothly across all devices, so is a particularly good slot game for mobile users playing on their phone or tablet whilst on the go.

Where can I play?

If the sound of these slots has got you ready to experience the mysteries of the Maya for yourself, you’ll find many online casinos available to join today. The majority offer welcome bonuses for new players, which are a great way to find your feet without risking all your own cash. But try and avoid sites which attach heavy wagering requirements to these bonuses, as this can make it difficult to withdraw anything you do win if you get lucky.