How to Make a Custom Game in League of Legends

League of Legends has become a great favorite amongst first-person shooter fans. Playing the official versions of the game is an exciting challenge for players of all abilities. But imagine how much more thrilling a custom game could be. With LoL it’s easy to set up a game that’s fully customized to individual preferences.

Why Play LoL in a Customized Mode?

One of the main reasons to create a custom game is to enjoy the flexibility it gives. For instance, maps can feature particular hazards. It’s an ideal format for role-playing or cosplay fans of first-person shooters as they can create a custom game to suit their favorite champions. Players who customize their own LoL game can play with their friends or invite newcomers. Setting up a custom game has proven to be an effective way to make new friends and socialize.

Benefits of Planning an LoL Game in Custom Mode

Setting up custom LoL games helps amateur players discover more about the characteristic moves and abilities of each champion. Custom games also provide LoL players with opportunities to improve their skills. Amateur and professional players can make a custom game to test particular moves. Custom games can even help players climb the LoL rankings.

How to Create a Custom Game in LoL

Riot Games has equipped League of Legends with an easy to use custom game mode. Setting up is simple and should only take a few minutes:

1. Select the large red button marked “play”

2. Click “custom” from a list of options that appear on the left

3. Choose “create game” by clicking the large button on the right

4. Have fun configuring the individual settings of the game

5. Bots can be included on either side by selecting the button marked “add bots”

6. Click “create game” to confirm the settings

7. The custom game begins when the “start game” button is clicked

All Mid LoL Custom Games

Any player who needs some inspiration to set up a custom LoL game could start with an all mid version. There is a massive range of themes to choose from that can make a customized game highly entertaining. Here are just a few examples:

  • Mirror match
  • Jungle TT
  • All draft pick
  • All riot action
  • Protect the escort
  • Ultimate bravery game


Creating a custom game in League of Legends is sure to test the imagination of every player who chooses this mode. Custom games can be very entertaining, providing those who participate follow the standard rules of the game and show respect for their team members and opponents. Visit for even more inspiration when planning to make a custom game.