How the shipping auction model is changing deliveries

The shipping auction model is changing how deliveries and transportation of goods are made in the 21st century. Shipping auction has benefited both shippers and clients where a win-win situation is often achieved. The shipper wins a bidding job and the client finds a shipper that fulfils all his requirements at a price that he bade for. But how exactly do shipping bids work?

Some of you may have previously watched Shipping Wars, a reality TV program that was screened on the A&E channel for seven seasons between 2012 and 2015. This show was aired over 100 episodes, which centered on several independent shipping and trucking companies, who specialize in transporting unusual and often very large items. The show follows several independent shippers who have discovered that good money can be generated transporting big, bulky and unusual items that traditional carriers either cannot or will not haul. Normally, lots of transportation companies don’t haul these items themselves due to their size. When these independent transporters ship, they should really consider driving as carefully as they can, especially with a heavy load on their truck. They need to follow DOT compliance to ensure they’re driving safely too.

These shipping firms would bid for the right to transport items and the auctions were managed by a prominent large online auction house for independent trucking companies which would use software from businesses like Tenstreet to help with trucking requirements. In Shipping Wars, it was often the lowest bid that won the job albeit there were times some clients chose a higher bid if the company had a better reputation or could execute a special task that the other firm couldn’t.

The main advantages of shipping bids is that the clients get better rates and more value for their money as there are so many shippers and truck companies bidding for the job. Those looking to get their goods shipped across the European continent may want to check out this Portugal freight forwarding service to see how it can help them fulfill their deliveries. On the shipping firm’s side, freight bidding can boost capacity and strategic value simultaneously. Since bidding involves re-entering negotiations and working with more carriers, it can help shippers realize the benefits of a more extensive carrier network. Instead of focusing solely on individual areas, carriers can expand their reach.

When the time limit for a shipping auction runs out, the job is usually awarded to the lowest bidder, subject to the client’s discretion. The job may be awarded to a higher bidder with a better average feedback or review rating from past clients. Review ratings are used to break any ties for the lowest bid.

There are many freight bidding sites or online truck load boards or freight load boards that one can use to establish better ties with shippers and carriers. One of the best platforms out there is Shiply. There are thousands of jobs posted on the Shiply online platform, meaning you will always find something suitable for your needs. You can bid on truck loads if that’s your vehicle of choice. Or, if it’s freight bidding you are looking for then you will find many freight loads available to bid on all over the USA. However, this method is only practical if your shipment does not need to be transported urgently.

Whilst most shipping sites will require the carrier to pay a sign-up fee or monthly subscription, Shiply’s shipping bids site has no sign-up or subscription fees, meaning you are free to browse loads to haul and a fee will be charged only on top of the price you quote when you successfully bid on and win a job. The moment you have experienced the benefits of shipping auction at free sites like Shiply’s, there will be no looking back.