Garage makeover: four changes to make today

When it comes to our garage, homeowners don’t spend a lot of time making changes to this area. They normally fill the garage with clutter they need space for or they just use the garage as a home for their vehicle. But it’s so important to keep on top of your garage. For one thing, it is so important that is secure and safe for the sake of your belongings. But moreover, you want it to be appealing when you come to sell. The garage is often taken into consideration when buyers decide whether they want to buy the property. It also can have an impact on your home valuation, so it’s worth maintaining. Therefore, it’s so important to keep on top of your garage for the future. Here are four changes to make today when conducting a garage makeover.

Invest in a new garage door

When it comes to sprucing up your garage, one of the first things you should do is look at changing the garage door. Your old garage door might not work as effectively as it could now and you might want to go for something more secure for safety purposes. There are so many options to go for when it comes to replacing your garage door. It all depends on the type of driveway and space you have inside the garage. For example, if you need more space inside so you can have access to units and boxes near the entrance, you could go for some Side Hinged doors. These allow you plenty of space inside and are robust to last throughout the seasons. You could also go for up & over doors or sectional doors for your garage. With new technologies meaning you can enjoy extra security, these new doors are very desirable for when you come to sell in the future.

Fit lighting in your garage

You might currently just have one small light in the garage which fits the purpose when you park the car in the garage. However, why not utilise the garage properly by installing some new lights. That way, you can use it day and night and throughout the winter months. You could get some fluorescent overhead lights which will fill the garage with light which will be perfect if you want to work on tasks in the garden. If you have any issues with your vehicle, you will be able to double check what is wrong with clear lighting. You could also get some form of work lamp which will give you some additional light when working in the garage. Whether you want some quiet time in the garage working out a route or even want to clean some garden tools, these lamps will give you enough light to complete the job at hand.

Install some units

So much space in the garage is wasted that you could utilise properly. You might just put your clutter everywhere or take up most of the room with the vehicle. Therefore, you should install some units so that you have plenty of space for your belongings. It means you can store more items in the garage without having to worry about losing items. And you have easy access to your belongings if you do need something quickly. You can get some handy units which you can install at the back of the garage and use them for tasks. If you don’t have enough space on the ground in the garage, you could always look at installing an overhead storage system. That way, you still have enough room for your vehicle, but can still store essential items in the garage. And this improvement will be highly desirable when you go to sell your property.

Paint the walls in the garage

It’s unlikely you have not painted your interior garage walls since you moved in. Over the years, they will get plenty of dust and marks on them, especially if you use the garage to conduct projects. Therefore, it’s always worth giving the garage a repaint when you are doing a garage makeover. That way, you can make sure the garage looks fresh and new and you can paint over any marks which might be on display. It’s always a good idea to paint with exterior paint when you are decorating the interior garage walls. Not only will it stop mould but it’s resilient for the winter months. Before you paint, make sure to fill in any cracks or seams. You don’t want to end up repainting as you need to fill in a crack at a later date. Also, make sure to cover any vehicles and tools before you get painting. You should always paint on a warm day when the paint will dry quicker and you will be able to use the garage again before long.