Esports betting popularity is growing

The covid pandemic has caused substantial financial losses to the online sports betting industry. Most of the organizers were not ready for this turn of events.

However, opportunities have emerged for a new format – gaming eSports events. Sportsbooks analyzed the esports market in detail to assess the potential for the development of the industry. From high end games to ultra-cool accessories, this industry has grown leaps and bounds – and it seems that this is just the beginning!

And if during the pandemic this market niche did not arouse such intense interest, then the last year has shown a different reaction from the audience. Today companies offer various betting packages for their favorite gaming and esports events. The attention to this industry proves the announcement of a renowned and significant event – ICE London 2022.

ICE London 2022 is a subject of interest for many players and representatives of gaming companies. From February 1 to 3, more than 30 000 industry members will show their products and get effective solutions. Among them, BETER will present its new product verticals. Сonsidering the interest of the audience in the esports niche, the brand will show BETER Esports.

ICE London 2022 is coming: BETER shows its new products

BETER Esports represents one of the BETER products, together with BETER Sports, BETER Gaming and BETER Live.

BETER Esports service is one of the most comprehensive on the market. The product covers 400 global esports tournaments across in-play and pre-match having the most complete data from partners Bayes Esports and Grid. There are efootball, ebasketball, eicehockey and CS:GO tournaments of ESportsBattle and AI-driven Virtual eComp efootball, ebasketball and CS:GO tournaments.

BETER Esports provides live streaming, live data, and odds for 24/7/365 fast commercial ESportsBattle and AI-driven Virtual eComp tournaments.

Also, the product includes exceptional in-house trading tools and mathematical models that allow to constantly update and refine products and provide product’s clients with a wide variety of betting markets.

BETER is the industry’s leading provider of next-gen content and data, spanning fast sports, esports, live casino products and gaming solutions.