2018 gadgets we can’t wait to see in action!

Every new year brings with it a tide of new and exciting gadgets and as tech professionals, we are always excited to see how things are shaping up in the tech world. And so far it seems 2018 will not disappoint when it comes to the weird and wonderful world of gadgetry.

Smart dog feeder

For gadget enthusiasts, nostalgic memories of retro-tech like Furby and Rubik’s Cube often bring a smile. However, in 2018, there are exciting new innovations for pet owners to get excited about. Smart dog feeders and training apps offer unprecedented convenience for today’s busy pet parents. Smart feeders automatically dispense food according to set schedules. Some models even come with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing monitoring and feeding control from your smartphone, regardless of your location. Paired with a puppy training app that provides customized plans for obedience training, you can teach your dog to eat only from their smart feeder on command. This ensures your dog maintains a consistent feeding schedule without worries of overfeeding or begging behaviors. Prices for smart feeders typically range from $100 to $300, offering options to fit different budgets and needs. Whether you need assistance with feeding or training, these new gadgets make pet parenthood more manageable and enjoyable!

Self driving corner shop

Sick of having to travel out for your shopping? 2018 may be your year thanks to the invention of the self driving corner shop. An app is all it takes to summon the cart to your home or office. At arrival just take the items you want and the car’s sensors will detect the absent items automatically charging your account. Robomart is an idea designed and honed by a Santa Clara, California-based startup. While their prototype may be small, Robomart is in fact a driverless automated minivan. And this seems to be just the beginning in terms of advanced deliveries. Toyota has now joined forces with Pizza Hut and Amazon in a bid to supply customers with automated deliveries by self-driving trucks. Depending on what a corner shop/food business is offering, they’ll need to make sure their self-driving vehicles are equipped with the correct machinery, for instance, the use of refrigeration can be an essential part depending on the food type, so companies may want to look here as well as go online to see what type of equipment they can install and get on the move when this is up and running.

Rolling TV screen

We are pretty excited about this one. LG are currently working on releasing a 4K OLED TV screen that can be wound away into a neat little box thanks due to the vertical slats attached to the back of the tv screen. Unfortunately this design isn’t likely to reach our homes anytime soon. In the meantime though, you can take advantage of some of the smart televisions that can be found on sites like VIZIO (check here for more information) to get your reality TV fix in the meantime. Upon completion of the Rolling TV screen, this piece of tech will be sold directly to manufacturers for the time being. Even there are experts of Syntax IT support that are looking at the upcoming gadgets that would revolutionize this year.

Samsung modular TV

Speaking of televisions, we are also loving the Wall, Samsung’s latest offering. This is a modular television claiming to be he first MicroLED television for consumers. MicroLED essentially means that the screen is made up of millions of LED chips which means it does not need to be backlit. The fact that it is modular is a massive benefit to consumers also, enabling them to construct a screen that fits their entertainment space.

Canine friend

This one is for all the pet lovers, who experience anxiety over leaving their beloved canine friend home alone for too long, cue the LAÏKA, a rolling “companion” for dogs. This device works as a form of security to detect and keep an eye on your dog, but also keep it from becoming lonely during days spent at home. The camera and microphone can video and record your pup, sending bark alerts to your phone. The device also comes with a matching collar that allows you to track their whereabouts.

2018 is set to be a pretty exciting year when it comes to gadgets. We are just excited to see these in action.