Can Cryptocurrency Be More Popular in the Future?

People started talking about cryptocurrency in 2010 but still, they were afraid to trade and to invest.

Then, in 3-4 years, only experienced traders who worked with free Forex signals began to invest in crypto. And soon after them came the less experienced traders.

And now, in 2020, we see that a lot of people around the world want to make cryptocurrency their main source of income. It’s not too surprising for many to learn that China has been developing their own cryptocurrency, the e-yuan kaufen which investors will soon be able to trade with in November of this year. So with all these options and opportunities available, can cryptocurrency be used by anyone?

Is it possible?

Of course, it is. But not for newcomers. You need to know that you can earn on crypto but you need like 4-5 years to start earning enough money. If you see a site that offers almost an instantaneous reward on your investment, it’s most likely a scam, or a bitcoin revolution betrug if you’re German.

That is why don’t believe unknown “traders” who offer you that you will become rich if you start trading with their services.

So the main question is still very interesting – why is cryptocurrency so popular?

Let’s talk about the reasons people like it:

  1. Anonymity

I’m sure you saw some moments watching films where gangs say something like “I’ll send your money to the Bitcoin wallet”.

Well even if you didn’t, I did.

Don’t think that crypto is for bad guys only, haha, I just want to tell you that if you pay with crypto, no one will know who you are, where you are from, etc.

  1. Low fees

Yes, bank fees are higher.

That is why it is profitable to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum because commissions for crypto transactions are quite low.

  1. No geographical limits

You can send and receive crypto to any country in the world.

By the way, fees are the same, and it is not important where you send and how far this country is from you.

  1. Safe crypto storages

Did you manage to find your best crypto wallet?

Even if you didn’t, you would need to, because it is very important to store your crypto in a safe place, and any software development company will tell you the same.

Professional traders prefer using hardware wallets or wallets with cold storage.

Of course, those reasons are not the only ones but they are the most important.

Cryptocurrency is very popular as the method of payment, but it is even more popular as the source of income.

Before you start trading, you should know all the risks that are waiting for you. The crypto field is full of scammers and you need to be very attentive while choosing the best channel, wallet, or bot. One of the crypto trading bots that could help in your online investments is the immediate edge app. If you’re new to this field, it is not easy to research the market rates and figure out in which direction the volatility flows. This is where apps similar to those like Immediate Edge could be useful. With features such as easy payout and minimum verification system, one could benefit pretty well from cryptocurrency trading robot systems. And this is not the only trading bot that is out there in the market. There several of them that can help you in automating the process of selling and buying cryptocurrencies. Take, for example, kryptobot, which can monitor the current state of the cryptocurrency market much more effectively than any user. Furthermore, with the help of crypto bots like the one mentioned above, it could be possible for users to be updated about the crypto market at all times.

So, will crypto have the same popularity in the future?


It will have the bigger one!

2020 is not the year of crypto fame – we can expect more attention to this virtual type of money.

If you decide to invest in crypto, you will need to choose everything wisely not to lose your time and money. Now if you are looking to invest in crypto and want to have a secure and reliable transaction, check out

I wish you good luck!