8 reasons your small business needs a mobile app

It’s no longer enough for your business to be online – it’s time to make your brand mobile

In today’s tech-driven society, apps are without a doubt one of the most powerful tools at any business’s disposal. From marketing your services to reaching out to customers, an app is a sure fire way to set yourself apart within your industry.

In fact, research shows that apps are quickly becoming preferable to surfing the web for customers using business services. comScore reports that 69% of US web users are spending their time on mobile apps compared mobile websites and desktops. Meanwhile, a study by Oracle found that 85% of people aged 18 to 34 use a smartphone, and the majority of users reported paying their bills or giving customer feedback via mobile apps. More than a third (34%) of respondents rated their work apps as essential while 41% said the same about security apps.

So, it’s clear that mobile apps can be a hugely valuable asset, especially if you take the time to see how a professional enterprise app development company can help with the creation and development process. However, many entrepreneurs still consider them features reserved for megabrands like Facebook and Amazon. But this simply isn’t the case. Small and medium businesses can also benefit from the addition of a mobile app.

Don’t believe us? The expert team of tech gurus at Syntax IT Support are here with eight reasons why your small business needs a mobile app. Let’s take a look.

Improve your business by gathering insight from user data

One of the great things about a mobile app is that it allows you to gather data on how your customers feel about your products and services. While sending out surveys can be useful, gathering insight on particular services through data analytics is a simpler and more rewarding process. You can even use heat map tools to discover what pages users are clicking on most in your app.

An app is also a great way to gain feedback from users through in-app reviews and complaints. In short, an app can help to bridge the gap between company and customer, giving you a better understanding of what your consumers are looking for from your business.

Promote your products and engage with your customers

Apps create a direct way to reach your customers. This is invaluable for small businesses who are keen to promote their products and services. It means you don’t have to rely solely on press or social media platforms for your communication, giving you a direct line to your audience.

One of the most impressionable aspects of any app are the push notifications. These can be very useful when it comes informing users about discounts and other promotional offers. We know that people enjoy using apps for their purchases and correspondence, so a business app can help to boost engagement and build loyalty.

Integrate with Internet of Things (IoT) devices

The IoT is fast becoming a staple aspect of the tech industry, and of modern life as a whole. If you’re not sure what it is, it basically refers to an increase in the number of items connected to the internet. The idea behind this is that using these items will become a more streamlined process (imagine getting a notification from your fridge while at work saying don’t forget to pick up more milk).

An app for your small business allows your products and services to be integrated with IoT devices. According to Frost and Sullivan, every person is expected to have an average of five IoT connected devices by the end of 2020. Niches like security apps, entertainment apps, logistics apps, productivity apps and more can be designed to work with IoT devices.

Boost your brand image

In the digital age, having a business app is one of the most powerful ways to set your brand apart. We do tend to associate apps with big businesses, but this simply means that when a small business has an app, it sets them apart and makes them appear more professional and established.

An app creates a new avenue to spread your brand to users. It makes your products and services readily available to users, and the more recognisable your brand becomes to users, the more likely they are to consider your services in the future.

Apps contribute to creating your brand’s overall image. Users will automatically correlate their experience on your app with your business overall, so having an efficient, simple and speedy app is a great way to cement a positive image for your organisation.

Build your audience

Apps allow you to establish relationships with your customers no matter where they are in the world. They don’t need to remember your web address or go through a search engine, because your business services are always readily available on their device. Depending on how your app functions, your customers could even use it without having access to the internet.

Creating an app provides you with the opportunity to offer incentives to those who download it. Every new user who installs your app enters your consumer base, so offering bonuses and discounts is a good way to boost interest in your app and up those numbers.

Open avenues when it comes to marketing and communication

Mobile apps can be successfully used to draw attention to your brand through various marketing campaigns. This allows you to expand the potential audience of your customers and develop lasting relationships with them.

Launching your own business app is a smart marketing step in and of itself, as it allows you east access to many other marketing tools. For example, you can publish news on relevant resources, give immediate updates on orders or put out press releases.

It also makes it easier than ever to receive feedback from users. You can run polls, conduct surveys, enable users to report errors and more.

Grow your customer loyalty

Letting customers go through processes quickly via your app is a powerful way to increase loyalty. From paying for an order to booking a table, if can be done on an app, people are more likely to use it. Take Just Eat for example. Not so long ago, most people would ring takeaways directly to order food, but now more and more people exclusively use the Just Eat app for this. It’s quick, easy, gives you plenty of choice and stops you having to get in touch via phone.

You can make the most of this increased loyalty with loyalty programmes like promotions, discounts and bonuses. Push notifications about new promotions make your app users feel special.

Give yourself the competitive advantage in your industry

Not all businesses take full advantage of their own website or social media platforms, never mind introducing a mobile app. Compared to areas like social media, competition is still relatively low when it comes to small business apps. And if you can be one of the first in your sector, you’ll earn yourself a reputation as a trendsetter.

Many businesses still consider mobile apps to be unnecessary to them, but chances are small brands will start to catch on sooner rather later. So take advantage of this moment to start considering how an app could improve the way you run your business.