What does a power BI consultant do?

So you are dreaming of a business that functions with enviable fluidity. Do you want a business intelligence system that makes the best operational, strategic, and tactical decisions for the growth and enlargement of your business?

A power BI consultant can give you all of this and more!

The Traditional BI System

The term BI was coined by Howard Dresner, who is known today as the father of business intelligence. Before this time, there was an existing system that assisted businesses with their core functionalities. However, this system, despite being effective, had some challenges. Here are some challenges that the traditional BI system faced;

  • Absence of historical data: To keep up with the progress level, every business needs to have its historical data intact. However, with the older models, this was not possible.
  • No expertise: In cases where a business had a functional system, there was the problem of lack of expertise. There were no technical members in the team with enough knowledge on how to handle BI systems. This did not allow businesses to harness the full potential of BI systems.
  • Lack of self-sufficient BI environment: The traditional BI system was sometimes unable to follow through with its duties to provide information and data fast enough for the team to make use of it.
  • Failure to integrate: Traditional BI systems may be unable to integrate with recent technologies.

The global business intelligence market is growing rapidly. According to research, the market is expected to grow to $33.3 billion by 2025. Businesses need to upgrade their BI systems to the most recent versions. While some businesses have done well by updating their BI systems, they still lack the BI experts to fully harness the power of the system.

Let’s say you already have BI experts in your organization. Every day, analytics are changing, and new and more effective tools are introduced. To leverage the potential of these tools, your experts need to stay abreast of recent developments.

This is where a BI consultant comes in.

What Can A BI Consultant Do For You?

  • Get you started: While Power BI is known for its user-friendly interface, having a Power BI consultant can expedite the setup process. These experts prove invaluable in various ways, ensuring you have access to the right data, defining suitable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business, and using existing data to generate data-driven reports. For instance, if your logistics company utilizes a warehouse management system, a consultant can extract data from this software and create comprehensive reports. These reports can empower you to make informed decisions and enhance your consignment inventory management. This is just one example, as consultants can create reports tailored to the specific needs of various types of businesses.
  • Train your in-house BI team: Your in-house BI team members need training. Here are some initial functions a consultant can handle for the team;
    • Fixing the existing BI reports
    • Checking to see that the current reports are in line with current industry best practices and disapproving them if not.
    • Working with the IT team and noting their input on the capabilities of the Power BI.
  • BI expertise: The level of training that BI experts go through is so rigorous that you can rest assured of the professionalism of a certified consultant. Opting for consultation means taking your business analytics to the next level.
  • Save cost: When you have a consultant, you do not have to hire in-house experts. This will save you a lot of costs. Also, the power BI solutions are indeed powerful, and the information in there can help increase your ROI, eventually making you more money. Also, you get to avoid costly mistakes.

Power BI consultancy is a smart move that every business needs to make. If your business has not plugged into power BI yet, then it should be done ASAP.