Tip and Tricks That Will Come in Handy for Anyone Heading to the Races

Horse Racing is a much beloved sport and has been for many centuries and this has led to our sporting calendar being full of amazing racing events but if you’re thinking of attending you may need some tips tips and tricks that will come in handy for anyone heading to the races. dress code to betting and general duties and don’ts Here are a few tips to make the most of your day out and ensure that it is one you never forget.


For as long as sports have been enjoyed, betting has been alongside them and horseracing is definitely no exception in fact many racegoers are attracted to the betting aspect of the sport as opposed to just the races themselves. That is why platforms such as sportsbooks as well as other similar types, are used to place these bets so that viewers can ‘participate’ in the races and have some fun when attending.

Betting is a game of chance and so luck plays a big part but this doesn’t mean there aren’t a few handy tips to help you along the way and to make sure that the racing results in the UK are what you wanna see. If you are new to getting there many times that can be confusing so many opt for the easiest and most simple pets but this is not always where the money lies, in fact the most complicated Bets can get to the biggest wins.

 Here are a few common terms that you may need to know before heading to the races to really make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and give yourself a chance at a big win…

  • Accumulator. This is the type of pet in which you place more than one selection and so crosses over into multiple races. All of your selections on your betting slip must win in order for you to be successful therefore if you have picked Two horses in two separate is both of us with a rise in order for you to claim your winnings.
  • Ante-post. Another type of bet, in which is placed in advance of the race and so before the betting markets open this is done because the prices are genuine pullover and so appears more favourable to better than it does when the markets open. The risk with this type of bet is that you have put down your money before final decisions have been made and so your horse could pull out of the race in which you will not receive your money back and so will be at a loss.

Dress Codes

Traditionally races were for the higher class and although that is not the case anymore many traditions involved with that still stand in case and So prestigious races ensure that this reputation is maintained. One of the most famous of which for the dress code is the Royal Ascot which is held annually and has done so for many years.

The dress code includes the role that men attending the race must wear a full suit in which the material is matching and so they are prohibited from wearing places that do not match the trousers; Hats are also encouraged and are asked to be worn in certain enclosures but aside from these Guidelines there are not many particulars involved with how the men are to dress.

However when it comes to women there are a few more rolls to abide by such as dressed straps must be at least an inch thick with spaghetti straps or strapless dresses prohibited. Jumpsuits and matching suits are now allowed to be worn by women following the same rules as the men and when it comes to hats they are also encouraged to be worn but if a woman would like to wear a headdress that is also in keeping with the code as long as his base is wider than 4 inches.