The Holiday Extravaganza: Winter Parties at Storm International Casinos

The winter months are the season of the brightest holiday events in all good casinos. Parties add colors to winter weekdays, charge with a festive mood and give a chance to receive valuable gifts. Storm International, said Darren Keane, the managing director, this winter prepared a host of entertaining shows for the Shangri La casino network guests. The programs include games and enchanting shows, as well as lotteries with valuable prizes and sumptuous receptions. You should definitely look into the light!

And winter is the best time to go on a junket tour at the Shangri La casino in Yerevan, Riga, Minsk or Tbilisi. In the New Year holidays season, you can not only play your favorite games, but have fun!

So, what surprises did Storm International prepare in December?

Birthday of Shangri La Riga

12/14/2019, a holiday was held in honor of the Shangri La Riga – SL Casino – second anniversary. This day was very memorable for the party guests with a bright entertaining show and with the comedic duo, Zaitsev Sisters program. Sparkling humor, live music, delicious snacks and a great mood made this holiday a grandiose!

The culmination of the evening was a raffle in which all the guests took part. The organizers conquered visitors with incredible generosity. That evening, many guests became rich, received valuable gifts and vivid emotions from a good game.

Lexus Show at Shangri La Minsk Casino

On December 21, 2019, the third stage of the Lexus Show was in the Shangri La Minsk unit. The main event prize was the Lexus RX!

Giving expensive cars on New Year’s Eve has already become a good casino’s tradition, and this year wasl not an exception. In addition, guests were enjoying incendiary show program with live music and dancing, as well as a sumptuous buffet reception from the talented chef Mark Ulrich. And this is not all surprises; not only a car, but also other valuable gifts was played among the guests. 125 thousand surprises were waiting for their lucky owners!

Stormy 20s Party at Shangri La in Tbilisi

12/14/2019 the unique theme party “Stormy 20s” was held at Shangri La Tbilisi. The whole unit turned into a luxurious mansion in the style of the 20s, and the staff was dressed in the original outfits of those times. Realistic atmosphere allowed to plunge into the atmosphere of a magnificent era and get a lot of pleasant experiences.

The organizers prepared a vivid show, cash prizes and valuable gifts. Many participants of the holiday were lucky to become even richer! A nice addition to the theme party was a special menu in the restaurant of Shangri La, Darren Keane added. It was prepared by the chef Avtandil Alikhanashvili. According to guest reviews, all the dishes served that evening were incredibly tasty!

New Year’s party at Shangri La casino in Yerevan

12/27/2019 at Shangri La Yerevan was the main party of the year – New Year’s Party. Guests were enjoying halls festive decorations, live music and lively entertainment. But that is not all! The holiday highlight was 7,000,000 AMD draw which was played among casino guests.
In addition, a special banquet with original dishes was organized specially for the New Year’s party, which left no one being indifferent to it. Do you want vivid emotions? Visit the New Year’s Party in Yerevan or any other unit’s party and find yourself in the enchanting holiday midst!

Winter gaming tours at Shangri La Casinos

Junket tour to Tbilisi, Riga, Minsk and Yerevan is a great opportunity to spend your holidays in a luxury casino. Planning a trip in winter, during the New Year holidays, is doubly a good idea. You will only need to pay the game chips cost. Other services are provided by the casino for free: airline tickets, hotel accommodation, meals, excursions and other entertainment. In addition, guests who come to the junket tour automatically become participants in all events, parties and lotteries.

If you want to spend the winter holidays in one of the Storm International units, find out the details on the Shangri La casino’s official sites.