Mobile Apps Or In-Browser – Which Should You Use?

Since smartphones launched there has been a long-standing debate over what is better, using dedicated mobile apps or in-browser? The answer is all dependent on personal experience and varies from person to person, but there are many reasons one is better than the other. Let’s take a look at them now.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps, especially those using no code app development are extremely popular now. You can find a mobile app for almost everything these days, from social media apps to games, food delivery apps, and even online casino apps. All of these apps can be downloaded from your smartphone’s app store and are available to use immediately.

There are numerous advantages to using these apps. For example, they can sometimes be used offline since many will not require an internet connection to load (although some still require internet connectivity), they often take advantage of a phone’s software and features better, and are always accessible. It is due to these reasons that many brands nowadays consider getting their own apps developed (of course, they might have to look for app development cost first to get an idea regarding the amount of money that they might need to invest in this).

However, the catch here is that there can be a few drawbacks to using dedicated mobile apps. This includes having to manually update them through your device’s app store–they can become incompatible with your device if developers stop updating or supporting the app. Besides this, they may be more restrictive compared to using the in-browser website. What’s more, you may find that some apps are buggy or hard to use.


In contrast, many people prefer using websites in-browser. Using your internet browser can be extremely useful when it comes to searching for things via search engines or visiting websites you don’t necessarily visit every day.

There are dozens of advantages to using your mobile browser. Most websites are now mobile-friendly, providing a great experience for in-browser users, and many in-browser websites work better for users than mobile apps. They also do not need to be downloaded, taking unnecessary storage space, and do not need to be updated since that’s automatically done by the website. Websites can even develop applications on their pages too. This means that users wouldn’t have to download anything, they could just use the app on the website. To learn more about that, consider visiting Expedition Co (see it here).

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages. For example, in-browser websites will always require internet connectivity, may generally load and work slower than mobile apps, may be hard to use, and they may not use your smartphone’s features as well.

What To Use?

Now you understand the advantages and disadvantages to using both methods, it’s time to take a look at our suggestions on what you should use:

Social Media

If you’re someone who is mad about social media and cannot stop sharing new Instagram snaps or publishing tweets, we suggest you’re better off using the official mobile apps. They’ll offer a smooth experience and many smartphones will tie the app’s features directly into their operating system, allowing you to share photos without having to directly open the app!

Online Gambling

Online gambling is hugely popular and many people enjoy placing bets at online sportsbooks or spinning reels at online casinos. Although many of these gambling websites offer mobile apps, most operate only in-browser, which is why we strongly suggest you only play at casinos and sportsbooks in-browser. Luckily for you, most Internet casinos are mobile-friendly, allowing you to play how you want! For an overview of all in-browser online casinos visit

What’s more, online casinos which do have a mobile app take up lots of storage space and generally only offer a small percentage of their games. If you get bored with the games or want to try new ones, you’ll have to uninstall the current games and replace them with new ones. Meanwhile, online casinos in-browser generally offer their entire collection of casino games.


Over the last few years, gaming on smartphone devices has become undoubtedly more popular as many more people are turning to their smartphones for gaming. Unfortunately, playing games in-browser is incredibly difficult and will provide you with a frustrating experience. Because of this, we always suggest you use mobile apps, as they’ll be developed specifically for your device.

General Productivity

While there are dozens of apps for every little thing you can think of, it’s generally a better idea to just use your smartphone’s internet browser. Whether that’s searching for something on Wikipedia, checking the latest movie times, or searching for something on Google. There is no point in downloading the dedicated apps as they’ll just take up your storage.

We hope this has made the difference between mobile apps and in-browser websites much more clear and will help you select the appropriate method to provide you with the best player experience.