Advantages of Having a Small Wedding

Whether you are planning your nuptials or helping someone else, one of the first considerations is the intended size of the wedding. Although you have a long time before finalizing your guest list, you need to know roughly how many people you will invite so you can find an appropriate venue. Today, more and more couples are opting for small, intimate weddings to keep them anonymous. Here’s why.

Cut Down on the Cost

Let’s not kid ourselves, weddings are expensive! The number one way to reduce the price of a wedding is to reduce the size of the guest list. This is because each guest increases the cost of catering, rentals, bartending, favors, and more. Plus, the bigger your guest list, the larger your venue needs to be. If you are trying to make your wedding work on a budget, this may be the first step. In some cases, higher costs are used for essential things linked to the wedding like engagement rings, wedding bands, the honeymoon, so that the actual wedding can be a smaller and less expensive time, with the money going towards longer-lasting items and moments.

Get More of What You Want

Do you want to have a destination wedding? What about a really unique venue or theme? When you have a smaller guest list, you can be more flexible about where your wedding happens. Additionally, if you save some money with a smaller wedding, you can potentially spend more on what you truly want.

For example, you may be enamored with a San Diego boat wedding. That can be a lot of fun, but you can’t fit that many people even on the largest charter boats (within a reasonable budget). Similarly, if you wanted to get married on a tropical beach, that wedding is a lot easier to achieve with a smaller group.

Cut Down on Stress

Weddings are stressful. Even the most relaxed couples tend to get some anxiety about bringing the whole event together. This is normally more pronounced when you have a lot of balls to keep in the air. Opting for something calmer like that private dining San Diego charter boat can make your wedding more about enjoying yourself and less about stressing out.

Be More Unique

The larger your wedding gets, the harder it is to make it unique. While not everyone wants to be totally different, it is nice to have at least a few touches that are uniquely your own. Unfortunately, the larger your wedding is, the more constrained you are in terms of venues that can accommodate you and caterers that will work with you. However, if you’re having a small wedding, you could make use of event rentals that could help with backdrops, furniture, decor, and a lot more. You could pitch your ideas to them and see how well they work out.

Small weddings can be very flexible. Going back to the earlier example, if you wanted to work with a private boat charters San Diego-based company, you could do so more easily with a small guest list. Finding a big boat to fit 300 people is not an easy matter. Alternatively, you may want to have a wedding out in the woods. Again, this is much easier with a micro-sized event.

Get Started

Start planning your wedding and thinking about how you can keep it small. You will likely be much happier with the results if you are careful about your guest list. While some people dream of a big wedding, it isn’t the right choice for everyone. There are plenty of good reasons to keep it small and intimate.