How to use corporate videos to connect to your target market

The huge and foremost benefit of connecting to your existing or potential audience using the medium of video, is that it makes your product or service come alive, and in the case of in-house videos, it has been proven to be the best way to engage your employees and encourage participation.

Before you hire a video production company

If you happen to rely on Video Production Services, then you may want to make sure that you know exactly what you want from them. Make sure to have your shopping list ready, so to speak. A common mistake is leaving out a critical aspect of the video, and then having to requote, which will no doubt greatly affect your budget!

Investigate your video production company’s website and/or portfolio see if they can meet your video production needs. More often than not they do, but it is always good to check. If you are not immediately happy with the quality to be seen there, move on immediately. If you send out your message with a video of inferior quality, your reputation is at stake. Check the animation quality, delivery and recording quality of the voice-over, the stylistic aspects of the script, and overall production quality.

Tell them what you need your company to say

Once you have found a corporate video production company that you like, you need to explain the intricacies of your company or offering to them, so that they can translate it into a video that effectively communicates your needs. You will also need to explain on what platforms you intend to use the video, as the resolution will need to be adapted accordingly.

As a matter of course, you may want to engage a company for video production jacksonville (or wherever your office is located) that is comfortable working with the style and type of content you’re envisioning. This is why it is so important to look at showreels, and consider the stylistic capabilities of different companies before making the first contact.

Do your background checks

Watch some videos that relate to your industry – perhaps even those of your competitors, to get an idea of styles and ideas that would suit your communications. 2D or 3D animation, whiteboard and line drawings are just a few of the many styles you might consider. Make sure that you are 100% happy with your choice before you proceed. Taking the time and effort to ensure that your video is of a high quality, will pay back its dividends by improving your over all brand perception within the market. High quality content also has a way of not dating as much as lower quality productions, thanks to a higher production integrity.

Try something unexpected

Even if you are trying to reach a more mature target base, don’t dismiss animation as a communication option. Far from being mere cartoons, animation has the power to reach a far greater audience, by removing elements that might cause perception bias, such as race, age and gender, from your videos. Removing these elements leaves you with the bare bones of your communication: your message, communicated effectively. Some people are hesitant about not using people in their videos, but the right company will communicate the heart and soul of what you want to say, regardless of how you do that.