How Millennials Are Shaping Real Estate

Genz could be the king and queen of social media, but the millennials are ruling most of the other pioneer industries as of now.

There is a reason why they are able to win the races.

They are incorporating the newness and accepting the evolution rather than the generation before them who are very hell-bent on following the traditional path.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing the different ways in which millennials are shaping the real estate market right now.

How Millennials Are Shaping Real Estate

These are some of the common ways in which millennials are able to change the shape of real estate.

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1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the new norm of promoting something, and it is the millennials who brought the concept to real estate as well.

They started introducing ways of getting more customers on board through things like social media marketing and getting more traffic through exclusive websites. Most real estate companies also tend to make use of real estate lead generation tools that can help in maximizing their business process.

Even real estate news started becoming mainstream, rather than just being a hyper niche which it was at one point in time.

It is also easier for agents to get more exposure through this.

2. Smart Home Technologies

When smart home technologies first commenced, it was the millennials who decided that they had to incorporate them into the world of real estate as well.

Smart home technologies are not only making the houses more secure, but they are also making the properties sustainable.

Since millennials are also investing in these properties, they are getting more interested in these smart homes.

Plus, these amenities are great at saving electricity bills.

3. Virtual Reality

When we talk about the ways in which virtual reality is being incorporated into real estate, it makes us even more excited.

Now, in order to see the property, you might not have to be at the location. Through virtual reality glasses, you will be able to take a full tour of the house.

If you take the example of realtors like Bernard Group, they have blog pages (like that tend to give out detailed information about the property rate, images, living costs, and other valuable information that could come in handy for the buyer.

Millennials often prefer such digital ways rather than physically opting to check out the location and waste their valuable time.

4. Better Competition Better Properties

Due to the commencement of the internet in this field, there is very less to no concealment.


That is exactly how it is supposed to be.

All out in the open for everyone to see.

Real estate is becoming more mainstream, holding the hands of the millennials. Now, you have websites and newsletters which are giving daily updates on the market and ensure that no one should be making a hasty decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate has been a matter of curiosity and endless questions for many. However, the 90s babies are all grown now, and they wish to get into a career in real estate.

It is all understandable, but just remember that research will not give you the experience.

This is one of the reasons why you need to get into the field or at least work closely with realtors like Lincoln Frost, for example.

However, we have still scoured the internet and brought to you some of the frequently asked questions about real estate and what to do if you wish to be a real estate agent.

Here are your expert answers.

1. Which Generation Is Buying The Most Homes Currently?

Ans. If you are thinking that it is the millennials who are just capturing the real estate right now, then you are wrong.

They are also the one generation that is investing in real estate the most right now.

You will find our very own 90s kid investing in all kinds of properties, whether it is land or home.

This is either for their own habitat, or they simply want to have a source of passive income because of the expected scenario of jobs currently.

2. Why Are Millenials Regretting Buying Homes?

Ans. Not all, but some regret buying homes because of the haste. They are doing everything in a state of complete haste.

Because of the competitive scenario of the real estate market right now and their zeal to get the best property in town.

However, if you are a millennial planning to buy a house, we would suggest you do not do it in haste and get an excellent agent first.