Our partners

"The adtivity platform is enhancing our ability to monetize our games in the context of our players' experiences, we have found that activity-based advertising delivers a strong additional revenue stream and enhances our profitability."
Dan Hart
Chief Revenue Officer, Arkadium
"Activity-based advertising is proving to be a tremendous innovation in the display space, the adtivity by appssavvy platform has emerged as a critical component to our advertising capabilities and the release of the publisher portal is, yet, another significant milestone in its development to capitalize on better advertising leading to increased revenues and, most importantly, an improved user experience."
Jiyoon Chung
VP of Marketing, Crowdstar
"The benefit of digital advertising has always been consumer interaction, adtivity takes it a step further by targeting consumers during moments of complete engagement through an ad unit brands can really embrace."
Jeffrey Matisoff
SVP and group director, phd
"Activity-based advertising is a significant and welcome innovation in the display and social advertising space, reaching targeted audiences as they perform activities is an effective way to deliver and receive advertising. The strong results seen demonstrate the opportunity through adtivity to reach people at the right time - it's all about timing."
Yale Cohen
Digital Media DIrector, ZenithOptimedia
"We see activity-based ad impressions as a way to reach consumers when they are in a more engaged mindset and this makes them more likely to respond to the call-to-action. By reaching them in that moment, we've found that the click-through rates are stronger. The thinking is that you are catching the consumer while they are leaning forward and in the mindset to interact."
Emily Dunsmore
Associate Director, Starcom MediVest Group
"Delivering ads in natural placements within the user activity flow is the Holy Grail for advertisers -- as is engaging, creative experiences. Using the IAB Rising Stars in-stream delivers a new standard ad unit that is native to the experience and demonstrates the next generation of digital brand advertising,"
Peter Minnium
Head of Brand Initiatives, IAB