Why Humans Can Beat the Computer at Chess

Seems quite simple. When we fight, we use instinct and muscles—we don’t have an artificial layer designed to track the situation and strategize.

The Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence

Despite that, computer programs have made tremendous strides in this area—and that is why artificial intelligence is so important.

A computer program will be the first to beat the world chess champion, and that is why computer chess programs are the most highly sought after in this field—and a vital factor in beating other systems such as the Game of Thrones computer game. What about that site which enticed you with the best casino bonus of the week?

Not the first. Computer chess programs have beaten World Champions such as Gary Kasparov, and in 2009—the first computer program was to have beaten a top-level chess player, but Kasparov successfully defended against the computer by playing chess, as we saw.

But today, with computing power increasing every year, and with more and more chess knowledge and experience coming from the real world, we are seeing a new chess-playing machine called Houdini.

Why is Houdini So Special?

Houdini is special because it has a completely different algorithm—it has never competed against other chess-playing programs before—and that algorithm is completely different to all of the existing chess programs.

Houdini is an artificial neural network, a system designed to replicate the brain’s complicated neural connections. Although it hasn’t beaten a master—yet—it will eventually—and when it does, that is when we can say that artificial intelligence has beaten the human brain.

Is Computer Chess More Easy Than Human Chess?

Yes and no.

Computer chess programs are growing in complexity—but still, they are nowhere close to being as advanced as human chess. Human chess programs are capable of analyzing the position of the board, considering options, and selecting a strategy and responding to other options—and that is different to computer chess programs.

In computer chess, the goal is to make a few right choices at the right time. If the wrong choices come out, it doesn’t matter—the game is over, and the computer wins.

Human chess is about improving and mastering your strategy.

Let’s Talk About Chess

Imagine yourself in a chess game with the computer, and how would you do in the situation?

I am in the process of working on an advanced chess-playing artificial intelligence program, and I know for certain that I would never win in the situation where I have to beat a computer with a human.

The amount of emotion and energy you put into chess is massive. The number of hours, and the amount of time you spend thinking about chess can quickly eat away the best qualities of your mind, and a good chess-playing artificial intelligence will beat you with ease in that scenario.

But, why am I going on about that?

Well, for the same reason that I would never recommend playing with another human—we wouldn’t be able to beat a computer with a human.