What Is the Canada Open Work Permit?

The Canadian government issues thousands of work permits each year to attract human talent to increase social and economic profitability. Any foreign national interested in working in Canada requires proper authorization. With a Canada open work permit, foreigners have the freedom to choose between occupations, workplaces, or locations in Canada. However, workers must choose the right type of work permit.

Here is more information about Canada open work permits.

What Is an Open Work Permit?

An open work permit is a document recognized by the Canadian government that permits foreign nationals to work inside Canada. The permit is not bound to a single location or employer.

Any foreign national with this permit can work for different employers in different locations throughout Canada. However, some open work permits come with additional restrictions or requirements. These requirements are stated in the open work permit if applicable.

Some employers need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). If they need an LMIA, then the employee needs a copy of the approval letter, a job offer letter, and contract.

Types of Open Work Permits

In Canada, workers can choose to apply for either open work permits and closed permits. The open work visa/licence gives foreign workers the go ahead to seek employment throughout Canada. While the closed work licence is fixed to a single employer.

Applicants can choose between occupation-restricted open work permits and unrestricted open work permits.

Occupation Restricted Open Work Permit

A person can work for any employer of their choice, but they can only perform specific tasks. The restriction is because eligible workers provided with occupation restricted open permits have not completed a medical exam. Qualified workers who get this type of permit from countries that don’t require a medical exam to enter Canada are not permitted to work in:

  • Health services
  • Child care
  • Primary and secondary school teaching
  • Farming

Unrestricted Open Work Permit

A foreign worker can seek employment from multiple employers and jobs with this type of permit. Workers that have passed a medical exam qualify for an unrestricted open work permit. But the Canadian government may also provide this permit to qualified workers who:

  • Have not passed the medical exam AND
  • Are members of specific permanent resident applicants groups staying in Canada or don’t have any other form of support.

Choose the Best Immigration Firm for Help to Obtain a Canada Open Work Permit

The application process for a Canada open work permit varies depending on the country. The process can be done from outside Canada or inside Canada. In both cases, foreign nationals must submit a specific form and pay the permit holder and processing fees. In some cases, applicants must also submit additional documents such as a valid passport, a letter of employment, and proof of financial solvency. The application is then reviewed by the Canada Border Services Agency.

For foreign nationals applying from outside Canada, the process can take a few months. For foreign nationals applying from inside Canada, with the help of immigration consultants in Victoria, BC, or a nearby area, the process can take just a few weeks. In some cases, the application process can be expedited. Therefore contact a reputable immigration firm for assistance. Compare multiple firms to find one that can deliver the best services. Identify a company with many years of expertise in helping employers and workers acquire Canadian work permits.

Eligibility Requirements for an Open Work Permit

The application procedure and eligibility requirements are different based on each person’s situation. Here are examples of the most common reasons for eligibility for an open work permit.

Common-Law Partners and Spouses of Temporary Residents and Canadians

The spouses of international students, temporary foreign workers, and Canadians qualify for open work permits. Spouses of permanent residents and Canadian citizens should apply under inland sponsorship to qualify for a spousal open work permit to live with their partner in Canada.

Spouses of foreign workers can also be eligible for an open work permit. But the temporary foreign worker has to meet specific eligibility criteria like having a valid work permit for 6 months after their spouse receives an open work permit, among others.

Spouses of international students need to prove to the government that they are enrolled in a recognized program. They should also prove that they are in a genuine relationship for their spouse to qualify for an open work permit.

International Student Graduates

Upon graduation, international student graduates can seek employment in Canada for three years as long as they have completed a study program of not less than two years. In addition, they must have attended a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

 Students in study programs that take more than 8 months or less than 2 years can also be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) as long as it matches their program’s timeline.

International Experience Canada Participants

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program is meant for young adults from foreign countries with reciprocal agreements. Participants between the ages of 18 and 35 can secure an open work permit, commonly referred to as a Working Holiday visa. This permit is valid for one year.

Applicants for Permanent Residency

Individuals who want to stay in Canada after rendering their application for permanent residency should apply for Bridging Open Work Permits (BOWP). The permit helps applicants to prolong their employment as they await a ruling on their application. In addition, the BOWP enables foreigners to be recognized before processing their permanent residency application.