What Are The Top Facial Recognition Apps?

Facial recognition technology is having impressive and positive effect on our society. The usage of facial recognition apps is far-reaching. Facial recognition apps are currently being used in order to safeguard personal information from cyber-attacks.

Facial recognition will minimise false arrests and can even be utilised to diagnose patients with genetic conditions as well as many others such as a security measure at ATMs, in businesses, law enforcement, etc.

This type of technology is used to prevent crimes, and the technology is capable of monitoring individuals, Identifying thrives, and many more. Facial recognition software provides many ways to make cities safer and more efficient. Companies like Ronas.IT design and develop cutting-edge apps for a variety of businesses around the globe. It is one of the companies pushing the boundaries of app technology. Here are the top facial recognition software and apps that you all should know.


CompreFace is one of the very few self-hosted REST API face recognition apps. You can begin it using just one docker-compose command. As it has a REST API, you don’t really need to be a machine learning engineer to implement it because it’s very easy to integrate it into your system.

The solution is scalable which means that you can simultaneously recognise faces on several video streams. Also, CompreFace has a straightforward UI for managing user roles in addition to face collections. This app gives a choice between the two most popular face recognition methods:

  1. FaceNet (LFW accuracy 99.65%), and
  2. InsightFace (LFW accuracy 99.86%).

The downside is that it’s still in active development, and the latest version (as of the beginning of 2021) is only version 0.4.1.


Betaface chiefly focuses on image and video analysis as well as face and objection recognition. It offers three types of services — facial recognition SDKs, customer software development services, in addition to hosted web services.

Services can be straightforward face detection or complex facial recognition, identification, and verification. It utilises biometric measurements for facial feature tracking on both images and videos. This facial recognition can recognise emotion and ethnicity:

  • Betaface can also track skin, hair, facial features, and hairstyle shape.
  • It provides video surveillance and security software solutions.

Betaface’s customer base includes web advertising and entertainment agencies, media content producers, and B2B software developers.  Betaface provides integration assistance. It also helps with the complete web service and database infrastructure support if opted for.


Blippar is an augmented reality facial recognition app that boasts a huge database of everyday objects and images which it can recognise. It claims to provide the ability to recognise plants, animals, landmarks and even your dinner. It also has a facial recognition component that enables it to recognise people so it’s as cutting edge as casino slot games, only in different ways.


Face2Gene is a healthcare app which makes use of facial recognition in order to help clinicians as well as bioinformatics to prioritise and determine certain disorders and alternatives for their patients. It works utilising a proprietary algorithm which compares individuals’ faces to those with syndromes that present a similar morphology. As a consequence of this, patients can possibly be diagnosed with genetic syndromes faster in addition to more efficiently.