Can PSVR2 Deliver On Its Promise?

Virtual reality has promised to be the next big, exciting step in  gaming for quite some time now, and those who have splashed out on some of the more expensive rigs have found the benefit of spending a little more to get the quality that comes with it – but even the budget friendly options have improved dramatically in time with the likes of the Quest 2 offering a fully wireless experience. With many industries looking forward to the future of VR from fully fledged triple A titles to more casual gaming experiences like those found at, PSVR2 could continue to be a game changer, but can it deliver on the promises it has set out?

This new VR headset does look to pack quite a punch with the features that have been put forward to users – whilst it won’t be a completely wireless option like the previously mentioned Quest 2, a single cable between the Playstation and the headset is all that’s needed, it also boasts inside-out tracking too which will remove the need for any bits of hardware around the room that will provide this tracking and certainly a welcome step forward too. Alongside this, Sony have also promised 3D audio and feedback within the headset that will add “a new sensory feature that amplifies the sensations of in-game actions from the player” – with immersion being the key here, getting it right could also be something that sets this VR option apart from others, even the more expensive names on the market.

A huge title has already been announced that will be a great proving ground too – the follow-up from the very popular Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Call of the Mountain will be the flagship game welcoming players to PSVR2 and an impressive large scale open world title that could elevate what the VR system has to offer and take full advantage of the 110-degree field of view and the OLED display with a frame rate of up to 120hz on it’s 2000×2040 resolution per eye too. Given the first Horizon game had received a lot of praise for the way it handled generating the world too making it much easier on lower end systems, and something that could lead to great performance on this VR offering too.

Whilst there’s no exact date offered just yet, fans can expect sometime in 2022 but likely perhaps a bit later in the year, given it will likely release hand-in-hand with the newest Horizon title too there will be a solid timeframe given for both, and could show a continued path forward for the growing VR space.